MP Rotator vs Single Stream Rotor

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by txirrigation, Aug 6, 2011.

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    No I said you never know what inspector your going to get, I do install per the most strict inspectors standards. And this inspecter will fail you for one drop.

    Honestly though, if you really believe some of this stuff you type you need to get back out in the field for some real world experience. 3-4 people have confirmed that you must run MPRs longer to get a good result, yet you still are standing on your soap box.

    It is nothing personal, I read some of the stuff you write and learn from it. I agree that an MPR 3000 will get a better matched pattern than a rotor with a 2 nozzle in a CONTROLLED enviroment. For some reason when they get in the ground they do not seem to be cutting the mustard.

    Mainly the claim that they do better in the wind than a rotor is what I can't believe. They may not be misting, but they dont push through the wind like a rotor.
  2. txirrigation

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    Yes I do use the LA nozzles. In fact I got a chance to use them both on different zones on a temp system. It was pretty cool because I got to see the spray patterns emerge on dry dirt.

    From what I saw the LA nozzle way out preformed the standard. Also the pressure was un-real off a fire hydrent 130+ and the low angle did not mist near as bad.

    I think I have a pic somewhere.

    This zone we put one LA nozzle (front left in pic) and the rest were standard. You can see the huge difference in spray with the sun coming through.

    Temp 3.jpg
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    Yea .... OK Bud.

    Longer than what .... sprays? They would be right .... you do need to run them longer than sprays .... but that is not the case with most rotor nozzles that would be using in place of the MPR. However, I will return the insult and say if you believe some of the stuff you write, then like Pete, you have no business managing or designing irrigation.

    You started this crap right from the first response to my first post. My response to this is, don't dish it out unless you are prepared to get it in return.

    And of course you have audit data to back this up?

    Again .... do you have field data to back this up?

    You have made claims here about other people's qualifications and experience, then present feelings and hunches as if they are fact. Is this how a professional should act on a public forum .... or at all?

    My comments here are backed by considerable experience with these products (despite your lame attempts to suggest otherwise) and by georeferenced catch can and soil moisture data ..... not hunches, feelings and supposition.
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    Maybe mpr's should stay on the west coast. Mine on the east coast need a much longer run time......And, as I sold the homeowner on the water savings.........
    Long story short ....if you cant afford the water to run cant afford irrigation........He we are. Irrigation installers, and service people who see it year round and a different way. I have had my spell of mprs come through here, some on 2hp pump systems, (dumb for many reasons) on city systems, who are now runnning longer run times (1.5 hours), and sometimes the work great in that one spot thats hard to reach.....
    AS the op asked.......I will not look at them as an answer after seeing there performance in this dry climate we're having. I say if you got the water to put down.....throw it on...
  5. txirrigation

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    No winning here... is there a block feature on this site?

    Kiril, from what I have read at one point or another you have insulted everyone on this site.

    I base my findings on this:

    When I install rotors, I do not get complaints.When I install MPR's, almost without fail I get complaints. (This is real world data, not an aluminum can) When a product starts effecting my bottom line it's toast.

    Also a few of the people I install for, including 2 Landscape Arch's do not allow MPR's on site.
  6. Kiril

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    I'm sorry .... does water flow differently on the East coast? FYI RLP .... I live in an area that gets NO rain for the better part of 6-7 months, and MPR's perform exceptionally well. Once again, no nozzle is going to make design flaws magically disappear ... not even the MPR.

    Now that is smart. Drought conditions ..... and throw on the water. WTF is wrong with people in this industry?

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    Yeah you can ignore people. Dana put Kiril on ignore. I've done it before but I figure if I keep him tied up we get rational discussions elsewhere. You being from Texas though makes you a target for his vitriol.
  8. DanaMac

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    There is a nice IGNORE button. It works really well too. Haven't seen it fail yet. :)
  9. Kiril

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    And there won't be until you start acting like a professional.

    Then you know what TXI .... you aren't using the product correctly and/or designing correctly. Since apparently you are incapable of using this product correctly, or manage systems that use this product, then you are right, you should not use them.

    Good for them. You started a thread looking for peoples thoughts on the MPR vs. the rotor ..... I gave mine .... and got attacked by you for the trouble. So by all means .... spare us all and put me on ignore.
  10. Kiril

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    Dana likes to dish it out, but can't handle it when he gets it in return.

    Pete, the only rational discussion with you, and with most people from TX, is the one where you do all the talking and no one questions anything you say. Apparently if you are from TX ... your word is gospel. :rolleyes:

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