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    I've got systems that I renovated with MPs and right now in our current heat wave I've got them running two hours three times a week in some cases to get some water deeper into the soil. I don't have a problem with it but customers conditioned to 15 minute run times are really struggling with it. Sometimes in mixed shade sun lawns I will switch the MPs to RB rotators in sunny areas to help shorten the run times. I find on the WM SL that I need to set the precip rate at .3"/hr. I find myself in this heat much preferring the RB rotators over the MPs. The RB fish tailing is a real problem but if I can't make a flow control adjustment I find that a slight turn in the nozzle screw will slow it down without hurting the distance and coverage. Because of the long run times I'm splitting the zones and days up to make sure I can get my watering finished by 6am. Once again a population conditioned to MWF watering struggles with this.
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    I just did a MP renovation of an area with grass on pavers. Crunched the numbers and settled on 51 minutes total run time every 2 days (due to the pavers) to put down ETo - 0.09". Currently have the system running 3 starts at 17 minutes each, watering for the entire property to be completed by 8:30 AM.

    I too have many problems with clients and interval watering. There are soooooo many people that just can't grasp the concept of why it is not necessary (in the soils around here) to water every day. With a properly designed system and very good DU and decent soil, I can push my fescue lawns 4 days between watering with average temps in mid to upper 90's.
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    Good point, I've got two systems next door to each other, one has been
    regularly thatched, core aerated & composted. The other was compacted
    during construction, aerated with a dweeb rental version. Though topsoil
    was laid down before hydro seeding, the compaction remains & the run
    times are twice what the cared-for site next door requires.
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    Still struggling to convince people that they don't need to water EVERY day, usually don't need to water every OTHER day, and CERTAINLY don't need to water in the late afternoon/early evening.

    Our sandy soil doesn't have much retention to it, but still find most turf problems are over-watering related. Chinch bugs currently an epidemic here, and overwatering only helps them out.

    One of the biggest hurdles is getting HO's to realize that I may know more about how watering affects their landscape than their maintenance guy does.
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    Dream on, those guys know way more than we who've devoted a major part
    of our lives to proper application. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    But the Chemlawn guy said.......
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    As he slimes your gig away.

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