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So Mr. Stone since you seem to be in the know what mower do you suggest I purchase so double cutting will not have to be done? At present time I use a Toro WB/w recycler kit. Please advise on what to buy. Thank you for your input. Mowman
You don't need to buy a new mower your already have the ideal piece of equipment.<p>Take the recycler kit off your 44/52&quot; toro<br>and chuck it. Better yet send it to me for<br>I have a use for it.<p>Now go out and buy a new set of the toro oem<br>atomic blades (reg. gator blades will do also). Now just got out and side discharge the clippings. If your customers have &quot;issues&quot; with clippings in the beds make<br>yourself a block off plate that you can install easily when needed.<p>I am about to make myself a block off plate<br>for one of my 52's&quot;<br>(ODC ala eric elm) that will attatch to the<br>bracket of the wright Mfg metal bagger. <br>Just don't block the opening totaly. Set it up so that the clippings will discharge downward and only a few inches to the outside of the deck. You have to be able to move the air and clippings out from underneath the deck.<p>I made the mistake back in 1991 when I also<br>bought a deticated 48&quot; recycler deck (discountinued in 1993)that I<br>now use as a boat anchor. In your case your<br>lession will not be as expensive as mine was.<p>If I get a job in the future that has a lot<br>of people traffic I might just install the<br>48&quot; recycler to one of my marginal single<br>cylinder traction units and make a 48&quot; trimming mower.


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why wouldn't you buy a mower that was perfect to start with? by modifying your machine, your leaving yourself open to lawsuits, thats such a scrub way of operating your business. <br>or are you just like us, and want to get the most out of what you already own?


Looks like were starting another pissing contest to me guys. <p>Lets cut this short before we start seeing nasty remarks.

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Stone or others:<br>We've put recycler decks on our 48 and 36 Toro fixed and gators on the 44 Toro. It makes a world of difference. Is there a substitute type of blade since there are no gators or atomics for the fixed decks? Also, how can I raise the decks to cut higher on the fixed decks? I've got the rear axle in the bottom position, all spacers on bottom of castor and all spacers on top of spindle. The manual says the max cut is 4.5, but there is no way this is happening. Thanks for any info.
M Man wrote:<p>&gt;Is there a substitute type of blade since there are no gators or atomics for the fixed decks? <p>What you need to do is order gator type blades for a eXmark. Your 48 & 36 inch fixed deck are not true toro decks. Those fixed machines are really eXmark metros with Toro<br>t-bar steering. Gator blases cost about $9 @<br>for your finxed decks.<p>Sorry I can't help you on the adjustment question for all my decks are Toro full<br>floater and are adjusted by just changing<br>the height of the pins.

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