Mr Stone:


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Central CT
Come to the CGKA Show in Hartford on 2/28, get your pesticide credits and also sit in on a lecture at 12:30pm regarding liability issues and sports field care.


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Somerset, NJ
Are you staying in New Brunswick or travelling back & forth? I think those classes usually provide a lunch but maybe we could have a beer & talk shop after one of the classes. Send me an E-mail with details of your trip if interested.
BRL I was thinking of going to the NJNLA show in Somerset.

If you can offer overnight accomodations I will bring my digital camera and a copy of Kai's Power Show and will show you how to make a presentation of your business on cd rom
(you need a burner to distribute).

When you give a account you want to capture a presentation on CD rom it sets you apart from all the rest of the lawn dogs.

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