Mr. West, I'm trying to advertise for you!

We always appreciate customer inquiries and interest in co-op advertising opportunities. As was previously mentioned in a post, we don't currently have a co-op program. We talk about it periodically, but there are a number of issues surrounding it and when we have tested such a program in the past we found that we alienate more of the companies in the market who decide not to be part of the program even though they decide not to do it.

We are always open to considering co-op opportunities, and any ideas or proposals can be sent to me or our head of marketing, Chris Paczak, at



LawnSite Fanatic
I would proudly display LESCO logos on our trucks except for 2 things:

1) What if we screw up? (LESCO should realize zero responsibilty for this)
2) Our customers probably don't care - they should, but they don't.

LESCO bends over backwards for us. I'm just waiting for them to start their own lawn service (like Scotts did).