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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Sep 25, 2009.

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    I just learned of a path light that will accept a MR16 lamp. The Troy Landscape Lighting G241 pathlight.

    Apparently the MR16 lamp form will fit into the socket and body. I have not tried it yet, but have one on order.

    Unfortunately, the fixture is not what many would consider "pro grade" as it is built with thin materials and suffers from poor fit and finish. On the up side, the finishes that they apply to their brass fixtures are supposedly quite nice.

    If you know of other path lights that accept an MR16 lamp please share. I know that Gambino has one, Winnona makes one, Sundown Designs make a whole series of them, Megabay fixtures can be adapted to them and apparently SPJ can make them if you have enough volume. Any others?
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    Now that LEDs are being offered in a G4 base replacement lamp, what is the advantage of an MR-16 pathway light? My question is one of ingnorance, as I've never used an MR-16 pathlight.

    By the way James, take a look at Troy's other lines. Some of their interior stuff is nice.
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    Troys interior stuff is pretty nice stuff. Some of it gets pretty expensive but then again most things worth having are.

    Advantages to mr16 path...
    Indirect view of lamp so they are ideal for areas that have a grade change.

    The lamps last longer than a bi pin...

    The hats are usually supported by a metal to metal connection vs supported by glass

    Improved photo metrics for wider coverage.

    The lamp is isolated from the hat in the ones we use therefore the hats remain barley warm to the touch

    You can stack lenses altering output...color and even photometrics

    I can get more light with a 10w mr16 path than I am able to with a 20w bi pin

    In our experience using everything from 3156 to bi pins to wedge to mr16 paths there is no comparison. the mr16 ones that send the light straight up and reflect it off the hat produces a better output. I really need to get some pics of the 3 pool areas we have done with the Gambino pathlights. Very pleased with them. Even with a cheap 3w china LED and a frosted lens as a test the output was outstanding.
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    James I dont like the looks of that one. Is it supported by the lens or is there a brass collar that supports the hat ? I would look more at the sundown which was Designed by Mike G for them. I thought nightscaping would build anything for anyone ? I would worry about adapting fixtures to fit lamps they were not designed for. You always speak about the strict standards there. Once you change a fixture I would think the listing no longer applies.

    With all the business you do between installs and selling LED's I would think having SPJ build one for you that you could sell and install? Just an idea.
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  5. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    I have heard that the build is not great on the lamp and that the cone shaped hat is too steeped. Just thought I would bring up the topic again and see if there is more out there.

    As for having fixtures built for me... I am not too interested in warehousing fixtures and most of the manufacturers who will do custom work require some pretty significant order volumes before they will participate. I have talked to different exec's at SPJ over the past couple of years and they NEVER get back to me with specifics. It is like they have no interest in doing business for some reason.

    As for Sundown Designs, they have some nice looking path lights for sure. Nearly impossible to work with though as I learned some years ago. A shame really, they have quite a difficult reputation in the industry.

    I will continue to wait on quality, production path lights that are designed for or can accept an MR16 lamp form.
  6. Pro-Scapes

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    Have you tried the Winonna ? I have never seen it up close but didnt cae for the looks of it. I can tell you it has really changed things being able to use a quality Mr16 path. They cost a premium but are well worth it. With that said with all the mature trees around here I use more tree lights than I do pathlights it seems.
  7. Pro-Scapes

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    Here is some good shots of some MR16 paths in case anyone is wondering what the heck is being discussed.


  8. klkanders

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    Nice simple rugged fixture. I like it. What height is it or does it come in?
    Does he have and use the same style in a brass?
  9. JoeyD

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  10. Pro-Scapes

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    No brass. The collar is brass but the rest of the fixture is Copper. It does however have interchangeable hats. All of them have great photometrics. The lights in the photo are over 20 ft apart diagonally.



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