Mrs. H need help running the equipment Mr. H left her!!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Mrs. H, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Mrs. H

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    Hey, guys. It's been a while. NOT running a lawn care kinda take one out of the loop.

    Well, here's the deal. David isn't here anymore and I've been using the old equipment he left here to do our little 1/2 acre lawn. My problem is...I may have worked the office equipment fairly nice, but I never really got the hang of all the outdoor stuff.

    1. The push mower needs to be replaced. I just got the snot shocked out of my hand when I tried to shut it down. It's jerry rigged from top to bottom. You have to shut it off by pulling the spark plug out and the grass shoot is held on with twine and a small cresant wrench. ?? And I really need to raise the deck for this yard and I have no idea where that lever is...if it exsists. Its a snapper with a ninja mulching system.

    Any suggestions on a replacment brand that I could get (homeowner) that I could deal with for the next couple of years? I'm getting my Bachelors degree right now and can get something not so great if its worth it until I can get a job in my field and afford something better.

    2. The weed eater (shindowa) has a little fuel in it. But it needs mixed gas. What exactly is mixed gas? I'm sure I asked that eons ago, but I can't remember. I think that is why it won't start...that it doesn't have enough fuel, I mean.

    Thanks again friends. Hope you are all doing great.

    MS_SURVEYOR LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I can help you with the oil. Go to the shop that sells Shindowa trimmers and buy Shindaiwa ONE 2 cycle oil in the 2.6 fl. oz. bottle. Buy a 1 gallon gas can and add the 2.6 fl. oz. bottle of oil to the gas. That will give you the 50:1 Mixing Ratio.

    Mixing Ratio 1 gal. 2 gal. 2.5 gal. 5 gal.
    50:1 2.6 oz 5.2 oz 6.4 oz 12.8 oz

    As far as mowers, we just bought a Toro 22 In. Variable Speed Self-Propelled Recycler High Wheel Mower at home Depot for my mother in law. It's a nice mower at a fare price.

    Good Luck!

    OH! Next time use a screw driver with a good rubber handle to pull the spark plug wire off. Keep your fingers off the metal shaft of the screw driver! LOL! I bet that woke you up! Did you hair stand up???
  3. Mrs. H

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    Okay...Nevermind on the mixed gas thing. I need to get some 2-cycle oil. I know what the bottle looks like. There may be some laying around out there.

    But, the way your mixing it makes more sense then what Mr. H told me to do. And easier. :) Thanks
  4. Darryl G

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    I just wanted to add that there are a couple of other things you may need to know to start the trimmer. One is the choke and 2 is the primer bulb. The choke is a little lever on the side of the carbureter. You want to put it up to start it. But first you want to push the primer bulb on the side of the carbureter several times. It looks like a little plastic bubble. Then turn the switch to on, put the choke on (up) and give it a pull or too. Often they wont actually run with the choke on, so as soon as it sounds like it wants to start, you can put the choke down and pull again. Usually that procedure is only needed if the unit is cold.
  5. Darryl G

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    Oh, as far as raising the mower, I think on that particular mower (those are actually decent mowers) there is a height adjuster for each wheel. It will be a lever sitting in a notch. Make sure the mower is off when adjusting them. One thing that can be kind of confusing is that you will want the poistion of the front and back levers to be mirror images of eachother. To raise the front of the mower, you need to push the lever frontwards, and to raise the back of the mower you need to push the lever backwards. In order to move it, you need to push it sideways to get it out of it's current notch first and then put it in a higher notch. You may need to put a hand under the mower deck a little (the mower is off, right?) to lift it and get the weight off the wheel and get it to raise easier. Just make sure the deck looks level when you're done adjusting it and that all the levers are in their notches well. I check mine every time I use it because sometimes they will get bumped and end up in the wrong notch.

    Here's a link to a Snapper mower manual. It may not be the same exact model but should help regardless.
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  6. Mrs. H

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    Thanks for the info on raising the deck Darryl. Unfortunatly there are a lot of other problems with that mower that I am not going to deal I'll just get another soon. And then I can raise the deck!

    And I already knew how to start the trimmer. Just needed the gas thing. Although, I got all that squared away, got halfway through the job and ran out of string! Just one of those days!

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