MSMA 6.6


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Has anyone ever used this product and achived good results with it.

I tried mixing MSMA 6.6 with Trimec Classic and applied it to several lawns with a skid sprayer. Seemed to me that the MSMA did knock back the crabgrass and nutsedge somewhat....however, I was never able to completly rid a lawn from annual grasses.

Also had a few spots were I overapplied the MSMA and shot holes in the grass. I'm thinking a boom type sprayer would probably be better to apply chemicals like MSMA rather than using a skid type sprayer.


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Atlanta, GA
I've used MSMA in the past, It took several applications to take out the crabgrass and it yellowed the bermuda turf quite a bit also.


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I generally agree w/ your MSMA assessment.

With today's Drive 75, why would you want anything else.

I still use MSMA in early June to control brand new crabgrass. I mix with 2,4-D and the MSMA takes out clover and baby annual weeds.

It's so dirt cheap that it does have a (limited) useful application.

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