MSMA on crabgrass?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by clallen03, Jul 26, 2007.

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    Has anyone ever use MSMA to treat crabgrass?

    Im asking because I have been treating a clients lawn bi-weekly with MSMA to get rid of a large area of dallas grass. Im on my 3rd application and it starting to look like its having some effect on the dallas.
    A couple apps ago I had some left in the back pack so I sprayed it on a patch of crabgrass in a vacant house next door. When I went back it looked like the MSMA had some sort of effect on the crabgrass. I had stop growing, it had spots all over the blades, and it had started turning yellow a little bit. I sprayed it again but I haven't been back to see what has happened.

    Just wondering if anyone else had tried this.
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    MSMA has been around a very long time

    It kills crabgrass when applied according to label instructions. It is a 'hot' product and can cause stressing to the desirable turf so you need to pay attention when working with MSMA.

    There are better products these days to choose from
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    do they make a product for crabgrass and dallisgrass that isn't as "hot"? i have been using msma for a while, and hate spraying it in a nice green yard that has crabs or dallis.
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    We use it in Bermuda lawns to control pretty much all invading grasses during the summer. There may be better options, but I doubt that there are cheaper ones. We may all need to start looking into getting away from MSMA because it may come off the market soon. I think the EPA has suspended it's decision on MSMA for the time being, but it hasn't looked good as far as keeping it. I still don't think that they've made a decision yet. Personally, I think it would a be mess for golf courses especially (and me :)) to lose MSMA on Bermuda grass.

    P.S. - Make sure to follow the label.
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    Cool season comments:

    I used MSMA & DSMA for years. MSMA is "hot" but when used correctly it works & its very cheap. I still sell quite a bit especially in New York where Drive isn't registered & never will be. Acclaim is expensive & stinks in low volume application equipment but MSMA works OK in this scenario if calibrated right.
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    If you need to control Dallisgrass, there is no other selective option labeled for it. By using other products in conjunction with MSMA (Sencor, Revolver, Certainty), research has shown better results. But regardless of the mix, MSMA is still the key ingredient. I've been experimenting with Dismiss as a companion to MSMA on Dallisgrass the past few weeks. But any of the above scenarios require multiple applications, which is difficult in the lawn market.

    If you can afford it, Drive is a much better option for controlling crabgrass. But generally the cost makes it prohibitive.
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    MSMA is all I use on grassy weeds. Mix strong(spot spraying ratio), not weak. Make sure droplet size is large--no mist. Also, when spot spraying, use an adjustable round nozzle, not a fan spray. This should work well, as it has for me.
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    I'm not sure who carries Advan in Texas. Lesco doesn't here. Not sure about Helena.

    Try contacting Advan directly from their homepage & ask for a local distributor. If you strike out there, send me a private email & I'll call them for you.

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