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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Turtle II, Jul 10, 2006.

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    Hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer.

    I have been reading on and off here for a few years, this site is great.
    I am finally getting ready to be done working for uncle sam.
    It would figure just when I am ready to buy my first Z, both leading manufactures, IMO, come out with new decks the very same year.

    I was undecided between exmark and hustler and leaning towards exmark.
    With all the problems I see concerning the new exmark deck, it has tilted the scales for me to go with Hustler.

    Can I get some knowledge / opinions concerning price.

    If this is the posted MSRP,
    Super Z, 25HP Kawasaki / 52", SUSP seat. SZ25KAW52SSA (926972) $10,099

    What should I expect the actual out the door price to be???
    Knock about 2 grand off this price shown???

    More / Less ???

    I hope some old pro's out there can chime in with some guidance on this for me.

    Been saving hard the past few years,
    Got my rig and a small trailer, all the hand tools and gadgets, now I just need to finish this last piece of the puzzle...

    Attached is pic of my set-up so far,
    I guess I really was leaning towards exmark,,, (red theme) I feel a hustler will do equally as well, But I sure ain't gonna turn around and get a yellow rig and trailer to match - - - :)

    Hope everyone is doing good & keeping things smooth, and thanks to all the "old-heads" who share so much knowledge and great advice here...

    Turtle II :cool:
    Eastern NC

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    My NC dealer said in the $7500.00 range but he more than likely sells more Hustler's than any other dealer in NC, hope this helps.

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