MSU:Water lightly and frequently during summer?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by slash8118, Jun 30, 2012.

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    Not many people recognize this for what it is. Watch any weather forecast for the future, and note that on the days furthest out (say the 7th day of a 7 day forecast) will almost always have the "best" weather of the coming week. They so often BS everybody in order to make you feel good and watch their show.

    It may sound stupid and wrong, but watch for yourselves and see it happen. Whatever would make the weather seem better, will show up on the 5th or 7th day of the forecast for your area. Too hot? They'll have a 10 degree drop there. hasn't rained? They'll throw out a 40% or 50% chance for you that changes daily.

    I know that most of weather is science, but long term predictions....shown on a TV show, look for ratings just like anything else. You may not realize it but you may watch a certain source for weather because they have been teasing you with better forecasts than the other sources.
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    you may have pointed out the obvious, Chitown. No rain yet around here but they are calling it a wet weekend.
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    We're in kind of a tourist area so quite often our weather prediction is often better for the upcoming weekend... Saturday wasn't only a chance for relief in the form of rain, but also 3-5 degrees cooler than the 90's that start tomorrow, again... of course last Monday there weren't any 90s predicted at all... :)

    We did get a few sprinkles last nite that actually cooled the air for a couple of minutes... got my shirt all wet and everything...

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