mt52/ dingo attachments adapter

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by garciajj612, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. garciajj612

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    Hey guys I have a bobcat mt52 with a few bobcat attachments but i dont have an auger or stump grinder. it would be nice if I could just go rent the attachment instead of having to rent the dingo with it. Even the used ones for sale around here are for dingos and I saw online that there are adapters to be able to use the dingo attachments on the bobcat mt52.

    I have a welder that i use and he just built me a dovetail and ramps for a box truck, reinforced my trailers and gates, built me some pile racks and other things.

    Does anyone have one of those adapters that can share with me the measurements to have him build me one??? Or if I had to buy one who/where should I buy it from.8$$?
  2. greenmonster304

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    I bought a blank mounting plate online for about $100 to adapt the trencher attachment from my maxi sneaker. It was well worth it to buy that as apposed to cutting, bending, and welding. You could by that piece and fab the part that goes on the dingo attachments.
  3. garciajj612

    garciajj612 LawnSite Member
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    thats a good idea. but istead of getting the plate for the bobcat i could find the plate that goes to the dingo and just fabricate the bobcat side since i have that on my attachments he could copy that easy. thanks

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