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mt55 vs. boxer tl224


LawnSite Member
Oconomowoc, WI
I have narrowed my field down to two options. Becasue of service and dealer locality I would like to stick to either these two machines. The Bobcat MT55 or the Boxer TL224. Both have their benifits, but I would like to get some third party evidence and feedback. I will be using the machine for installing 5/8" poly propane tubing, at a depth of approx 18". So I would be buying them with the vibratory plow attachment. Any feedback???

I have been other places and have had no luck with feed back. A friend suggested this place :)



LawnSite Gold Member
coastal NC
i have used the mt 52 (one model before the 55) and the tl224
have a friend locally with the mt52 as well...

the older 52's has problems with the steering bar failing and the unit was unmoveable... hope that is worked out..

the bobcat is built much more heavy duity, but the boxter had more features, but for me all the bells and whistles are more opportunities for things to fail....

also the boxer when in high range will not make a gradual turn.. you have to almost completely stop the one track for the other to have the power to turn.

also the controils on the boxer are terrible. they are like the ones on the wheeled dingo.. split thumb controls...

the bobcat had a steering almost identical to the track dingo (the one i bought). and there are more guards etc.. on the bobcat....

i would have a very difficult time deciding between the two

make sure to demo both units as much as u can.