MTD PRO / LESCO Lawn Renovator Pros/Cons


Gulf Shores, AL
This weekend, I had an opportunity to demo the MTDPRO overseeder / Lawn renovator. This is basically the same machine from Lesco. The Lesco had an 8 hp Honda while the MDTPRO had an 8 hp Kawasaki. The machine I used had been driven hard and put away wet by prior demo users.

I over seeded two properties and the machine worked like a charm. I really liked the way it dethatched and renovated the soil and the even seed distribution. The machine did a great nice job.

I would appreciate comments if y'all may own this machine or similar. I really need one of these in my inventory.




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They are nice BUT on the big money renovations(brand new construction with uneven soil) I found it to work fair at best. But it is an awesome machine even on slopes as long as it isn't bumpy. Also you can use less seed (read...more $$$ for you) since the seed to soil contact is optimal.


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dirty jersey
Dhick: picked one up used for 1800 two yr. ago ,nice mechine,(lesco brand) only problems were main belts,and en-gaugement cable breaks,also the belt guide bolt snaps.
outher then that it a well built mechine.

do a serch on the mechine,last winter there were posts on it.
this year i did not even start the mechine ,all the was done with my core aerator.