MTD Pro Z. Anyone seen it?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Daren, Mar 20, 2001.

  1. Daren

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    Went by Northern tool today on the way back from Lesco. Raining very hard so I couldnt get a good look at it, but they have a Z mower MTD Pro. Anyone know anything about it. It looked pretty good from where I was. Just wondering if anyone had any input. Dont know how much it is.

  2. Green Finger

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    You got to demo the mower. Ask the salesman can you take it on a spin. I think MTD makes Cub Cadet. Cub Cadet has a new line of mowers out. They LOOK ok. That's how far I got with them I never used one, I don't have a beef against the company.

    But try them out for yourself. Price wise; they are properly up their with the rest of the big guys. starting around 5 grand and up.
  3. mdb landscaping

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    im pretty sure that the lesco viper, the cub cadet tank, and the MTD Z are all the same machines. from what ive heard, they are junk. supposedly lesco is starting to build there own Z and it has been redesigned, but i havent seen a picture of it yet.
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