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    I have a MTD pro hydro walkbehind and I have had no problems with it. All I have done is run it. I have it stumps that have almost throwed me over the handle bars without bending the deck. It cuts grass great. The only two complaints I have are the brackets for the anti-scalp roller need to be heavier and the 48&quot; deck doesn't cut tall stems such as bahia grass very good.<p>Jay
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    everyone who has responded to this post & gave particular details HAS used one, including myself. If you think everyone should think like you or agree that ANY mower is THE best one, you obviously are on the wrong forum. Read the countless posts from the last 45 days on who thinks what mower is best. We give our opinions based on field experience of us or those we know in the same line of work. The original question was &quot;What do you guys think?&quot; concerning MTD pro mowers. <br>Also, like cars, I never buy the 1st year or 2 of a new model-wait until they get the bugs worked out.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<p>
  3. Lake gas wrote:<p>&gt; The Lesco machines are absolutely first rate. <p>I have a 13 year old 52&quot; Toro that I paid $700 for that will provide a better quality of cut in any conditions that any new or used<br>lesco mower ever produced.<p>I can mow bluegrass at 2&quot; that's 10 days old<br>with old gator blades and you can't tell that<br>the grass was not bagged.<p>Tell me can you get this same performance from any Lesco machine?<p>Oh that's right you don't have nice thick<br>bluegrass/ryegrass lawns down south.
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    lawrence..once again you crack me up! i was just at my local lesco warehouse about 3 weeks ago and i was discussing the lesco mowers with the manager, these were his exact words... &quot; the walkbehinds are ok, the vipers have had nothing but problems, overall our mowers are not our best quality products!&quot; personally i have not used the new lesco walkbehinds made by mtd but i have used the old ones and they cut ok but there construction seems alright... i wouldnt count on one for my main mwer though. i definitly wouldnt touch the new mtd one... mtd has too be the biggest shi* out there! im surprised home depot dosnt sell there commercial mowers for them too!
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    I've got a mtd 14 hp 48&quot; gear drive.<br>In the first 5 months I broke the deck right off the machine (the welds cracked and I did not even hit anything). The service was terrible. Two weeks late on delivery and missing the bag. Needed an air filter. Promised in 2 days, took 2 weeks.<br>Blew a gasket on the Kaw. and it took 5 weeks to get a replacement. Needless to say, I have not been impressed.
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    Karl-Southside wrote:<p>&gt;MTD. Made. To. Disintegrate.<br>Enough said.&lt;<br><p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>
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    I bought a lot of lesco products when i started up, and have learned that they were junk, the walkbehinds do not cut for $^%$, they are not as comfortable as other mowers, and do not manuver as quite as well as other machines. there blowers fall apart and are under powered unless you buy the 16hp for $2500
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    16hp for a push blower? must weigh 400lbs! little wander is the only way to go for a push blower!<br>
  9. EDL

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    Sorry i forgot to mention that it is hydraliclly drive, or else you would have some large arms

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