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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mower_babe, Nov 13, 2003.

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    Ok, I am sure you guys saw the booth for lawn wheels. They are bright green deck wheels with the nice ball bearings. Pricey at $17 or so apiece. So, I got some of them, because I thought they would be bettter than the OEM wheels. I was wrong. They have only been on one week and they are bent and gouging in and yes, boys, I have them in the correct position. I just thought I would share my experience with them and I am damn glad that I only bought enough for the one mower. I usually by in large quantities.
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    Click image for link to their site.

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    A couple of observations....

    I have no use for these, because I usually wear the OUTSIDE down before the bearing surface wears. New regular ones are cheap $5.50.

    I might consider these if....

    * They were totally SOLID, no "turbo vents" in the side!

    * Were almost ANY color other than NEON GREEN What is wrong with BLACK???

    * They were HARDER and resisted better against concrete scuffing.

    * They were cheaper.

    Like I said, the bushing portion of the OEM ones isn't a problem for me. Then again, mine are SET properly, NOT constantly rolling and supporting the deck weight.
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    I saw them and talked with them about it. Personally I think mower babe is seeing what I thought. So they have a roller bearing. The oem's roll too. Unless they pivot sideways the concrete will eat them up just like the oem's. They told me the show price was $17.50 each and $22.50 at other times. No thanks. Plus, they are extremely ugly.
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    I wonder if they glow in the dark?
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    They are (or will be) available in black. The green is currently available and black is back ordered. I wonder why that is?
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    Do some people actually have problems with the bearing area wearing out well before the outer surface does?

    Makes me wonder why they are manufacturing something that "may" not be needed?

    I'm sure the reasoning behind the GREEN wheels is to get others to ask YOU what the story is with them. Its like including a miniture salesman in every wheel.
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    You guys need a course in bearings.:D The concept is basically just incorrect. You use “bushings” for “high impact low speed” applications, which is what this is. Using a bearing is just stupid, yes stupid.

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