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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by flascaper, May 5, 2008.

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    I went out and bought a brand new gravely 44 ztr. I haven't cut lawns for 12 years. I started when I was young (16) cutting grass in Delaware for a company called T.L.C or Tender Lawn Care. I then went to working for Greenscapes in De. I was pushing a friggin mower. At the same time I was going to the University Of Delaware studying Plant Science with a strong emphasis on design and landscape construction. I always wanted my own landscape company. After years of working in various fields of the business now at 37 I finally am full time with my company. I was head grower for various greenhouse facilities and manager in quality control for a very large tree farm here in central florida. I even worked P.T for Home Depot in the garden dept. My knowledge of plants and design is top notch. The lawn care business was added to my landscape installs and designs. I felt like such an ass today. My first time out I break a back flow valve. I am proficient in irrigation and say " I can fix this no problem" I fix it and the customer is happy. I get a call today that their irrigation has'nt come on in two weeks and the lawn is dying. I go back today and find I put the darn thing on backwards thinking the flow was one way when it went the other way. I fix it again and the customer is happy again since it works. I can't believe they still want me to stay. My morning started out also getting stuck at the bottom of a hill from a new customer first time cut. I got help from two guys next door to push this thing out. Friggin ZTRS cant handle wet grass or hills going down (up is no problem). All I had was a 4.5 hp 21" murray not self propelled and finished the cut. This is St Augustine grass and it is a B#&Ch to mow with that thing. Hats off to you guys here I am thinking this was going to be easy and believe me if anyone gets on here saying this is unskilled labor they need their friggin heads examined because the pressure is always on to do a good job. The customer comes home and sees the end product not knowing how much care and effort it really takes to do a Good job all the time. I know this is long I can go on and talk about proper blowing techinques and edging quality but say no more, I salute you.:usflag:And have a drink on me:drinkup:
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    it is unskilled labor. that is if your not making money at it. it takes a lot of skill and people skills to be proficient and succeed in the landscape industry.
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    Welcome aboard O Town.
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    Flascaper, which HD location do you work at?

    BTW, a small ZTR will slide on slopes and hills.
    Just not enough available "footprint" on those machines.
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    Thank you sir, this very thing of folks thinking this is so easy has been the source of my frustration, but what you said helps.

    As for the other stuff...
    Don't worry about it, I'm in my 7th year and just got done pulling my Ztr out of the mud, too.
    As for hills, ALWAYS point the Z UP a hill, whether going up or down we point UP hill (go down in reverse {and dang carefully}).

    Oh and I don't drink, not a drop in years and no drugs, but thanks I know you meant well.

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    I cut in Central Florida as well! Nice to have you on board. I will send you a PM and give you my phone number. I am always interested in working with experienced landscapers (sharing ideas and such).

    Welcome to Lawnsites!

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    I worked at the Home Depot in Clermont. I also got to say that I have a good handle on this 44 Z Gravely and am very pleased with it. Its like driving a little tank.
  8. jahbp

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    I am always fixing sprinkler heads ,broken pipes ,rebuilding valves after 14 years of cutting grass in Florida It is impossible not to become an expert in the irrigation field.
  9. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    Oh, that's so sweeeeeet...

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