Much smaller gas tanks on 2011 mowers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jonathanone, Feb 23, 2011.

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    What you are seeing as far as tank downsizeing is, diff plastic compound, diff fuel line, fuel filters, new gas caps ext... Im speaking out of my own head here but I can assume that because of this companies are no longer able to offer large fuel tanks to save on cost. In todays market take the Hustler Super Z, Scag Cheetah, Toro G3, they are all right in the $10,500 range. IF a company made larger tanks that takes them above that $10,500 mark and puts them into a say $10,900 sales bracket. And that can cost you a sale.

    And in today market every penny saved is a win for a company. Esp when companies are putting most thier R&D money into deck improvements. I can only imagine the hoops that a company has to jump throgh to get the EPA to sign off on a tank.
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    The Cheetah does have larger tanks than the TT, TC and Wildcat for this year!!!
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    EPA changes for 2011 required that tanks could no longer be vented through the gas cap and into the atmosphere. This required different gas caps and a vent line added to the top of the tank. An expansion chamber, or vapor dome was also needed at the top of the tank to collect the fuel vapors. Manufacturers had two choices to address the expansion chambers: 1) redesign the fuel tanks or 2) extend the filling neck down into the tank creating a false fill situation. The first option required capital tooling expense. The latter required less expense, but reduced fuel capacities of existing tanks.

    The tanks on the Gravely commercial products were retooled to add the expansion chamber. The result was a slightly taller gas tank and fuel capacity actually increased to 13.4 gallons.

    The new caps, vent lines, different material for the tank which also slowed down the molding cycle time, and the addition of carbon canisters all added cost to the units which drove the price increases you are seeing for 2011.
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    the important question is how to we tell the epa and tree huggers to shove it and get around these stupid rules short of swapping out old larger tanks? :)

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