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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sicnj, Oct 29, 2005.

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    I am new to the lawn Care buss. i have been trying to learn as much as I can form the everyones post, so thanks for all the information. I just jumped into cutting grass when i went out without researching and bought a husky
    z4817 so I have tons to learn. I Have not had any problems with it yet. anyways here is my question I got a yard half way through the season, brand new house, off a golf course,nobody is living in the house, a developer is trying to sell it. Sod yard, but not maintained, when I got there. it had not been cut in awhile, and where it met the curb there was a lot off crabgrass, two areas at least 10x10 where the sod had died. the biggest problem is there is a area 15X10 that you can't even walk on because you will sink. I think there is an irrigation problem. I don't know what to do its been like that all summer. i try to make it look as good as i can but , it just looks half a**. like I said "I am new and don't know what to do." I don't wan't ppl thinking I do a half ass job. second part of the problem from all the rain the wet spot is bigger and i tore up i nice 6 foot rut, but you can't fix it because it like walking on jello. now i am pissed off and run over a head that is up. I don't know how to replace head's.
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    To replace the head, dig a hole around the head down to where it screws on the nipple, unscrew it and replace it with a new one. If the nozzle is not ruined on the old head, you will have to pull the pop-up out of the old head to remove the nozzle. If it is ruined you will have to get a new nozzle when you buy the new head. I carry spare nozzles and heads with me.

    The soggy area could be caused by a lot of things.
    1 Sprinkler system not set correctly, but if it as wet as you say, I doubt that is the problem.
    2 Improper drainage...A good bet.
    3 Leaky sprinkler pipe, valve or other water pipe. Another good bet.

    I would replace the head and nozzle and then tell the client about the wet area and let him handle it. If he wants you to find and fix the problem, and you feel that you are qualified, then you can have a crack at it, but he may just want to refer the problem to his sprinkler company.

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    It's not your fault you can't cut the grass because of to much water. The developer probably doesn't even know about it. Tell him. aND YOU'RE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BROKEN HEADS BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T RETRACT.:angry:
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    Do youself a favor and walk your yards if there was recent rain. You can tell from walking on it if you should put your ZTR on it or wait until you can. Especially with newly laid sod. I usually cut new sod with a couple of 21's until it takes and its get solid underneath.
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    over the summer i sucked up about 3 peaces of newly layed sod , about 2 weeks old. right up in to my machine ,a walk-behind. so i know what your talking about ,lol
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    most developers buy spongy land realy cheap and pay an even cheaper price to have it cleared and then start to build no matter what the land is like. sounds like the home you mention was built on a spot of land that is pumping. what i mean is the land is wet and will never dry out and the more you run across it it brings more moisture to the surface. i ran a finish dozer for a long time and we ran into this quite often when the site used to be a forest. the only way to fix pumping land is to remove the wet soil as deep as you have to go then replace it with dry soil.i know it sounds redundant but it works.
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    Call the developer and tell him what you have observed.That doesn't make you inexperienced it makes you observant.Than try to problem solve from there.You'll look really incompetent if you say the irrigation is leaking and he says there is no irrigation. Let him help you to diagnose the problem.
  8. thartz

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    oops you said there was irrigation my fault. Try to get a schismatic map where the irrigation is installed. Then you can trouble shoot from there.The installer should have submitted one with th proposal of the job.
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    thanks for all the help I was feeling kinda bummed out, about the whole thing.

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