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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Andyinchville2, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. Andyinchville2

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    I have several large properties that I maintain....approximately 5 hours on a Ferris 3000 Extreme w/ 27 HP kohler on one Job.....I was thinking how nice it would be to quiet the machine down and maybe get a boost of power as well.....Has anybody here ever put a car muffler on in place of the stock muffler? I would think this would be give more power (less restriction.....if it's big enough for a v8 it certainlt should be enoyugh for a mower engine....) and be quieter to fot the most part are very quiet (unless you run glass packs or other hi perf muffler but I'm thinking of a stoch quiet one). -- Yes I already run w/ earplugs!

    On the flip side, has anybody ever drilled out a muffler on a 2 stroke muffler to get more power? (of course the exhause port was decarboned and the spark screen is histry)....

    I'd be interested in knowing if anybody out there has done it and if the results were worthwhile....


  2. BCSteel

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    I was just thinking about this same type of thing the other day. What about adding after market performance products or similar things to mowers? They have to be out there somewhere.
  3. ProStreetCamaro

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    Awww man if I were to replace a with a car muffler it would be a Flowmaster!!! LOL all kidding aside it is a good idea and might work with some good hard enginuity <<<cant spell.
  4. Steve9

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    I know a guy who put a large muffler on his generator..thing purrs like a kitten. looks ugly but you can barely hear it
  5. Andyinchville2

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    HI BC, you'r right somebody out there has to market "neat stuff" for mowers but I have yet to find them.....Other things I'd like to see are larger oil filters (use std car filters so the'd be cheaper) and maybe an adapter to allow running standard car air filters....Again cheaper to replace, easier to get, and since it'd be bigger possibly better performance too!)
  6. quiet

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    I'd like a much quieter environment, too. After 8 - 10 hrs., even wearing ear plugs all day, it gets tedious.

    And we've all read too many threads from LCOs who have experience hearing loss, or ringing in the ears from years of inadequate hearing protection.

    With so many communities passing noise ordinances, this would be a worthwhile topic to present to mfrs.

    It's in everyone's best interest.
  7. Richard Martin

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    There are no real performance gains to be had with small displacement engines like we use by reducing backpressure. One good look at the ports on a Kohler head will tell you that. The heads are the real problem on a Kohler engine. Take them off, do major port work and then send them out for larger valves and a 5 angle valve job and they would probably start to flow good enough to warrant a high performance exhaust system.
  8. deadend

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    We modify chainsaws all the time. A simple muffler mod can dramatically increase power and even life expectancy due to reduced heat. The tradeoff is higher noise, but hey, it's a saw and you're wearing ppe right. Port work to a saw in addition to muffler and timing mods along with it being tuned right can give up to 40-50% increases in certain saws.
  9. Andyinchville2

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    Hi Deadend,

    Just curious but how exactly did you mod the chainsaw engines?....I suppose the same mods could be incorporated into weedeater engines as well?....I was thinking about buying a new factory muffler and modifying it but not exactly sure what exactly needed doing (I planned on opening the mouth of the muffler, ditching the spark arrestor, drilling another hole into the case for another "tailpipe" and if my dremel will fit or get in drilling out more holes in the internal baffles......if I can it may be even better to remove the inner baffles alltogether....of courses that may be difficult without cutting the muffler in half and then having to get it professtioally rewelded ( I only have a stick welder and a big one at that so I'm sure I'd blow all kinds of holes in the thin metal). I'd LOVE to have that 40-50% increase in power!!......I currently run shin t270 but I did order a shin t350 (dealer said he'll get it by this tues.....I was going to get a Shin 450 Brush cutter and converting it to a weedeater but according to the dealers research the 350 throttle assy won't fit on a 450 trimmer tube (I didn't want to have to run bicycle grips on a trimmer for regular use). Yes I'm a power fiend but it's only because without enough power I have to slow my walk down so the weedeater can get all the grass (that was the reason I went from a t230 to the t270 in the first place.....I can walk much faster with the t270 but still not fast enough for my liking.....hopefuilly the t350 will do alot better....but I can only imagine doing the same mods to the 350 now!!...Now we're talking power!......But then again I wonder anout taking a 450 powerhead and putting it on my 350
    shaft.....Hmmmm .....Power and my loop handle assembly.... always sonething tyo think about trying!

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