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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jerrys Lawn Service, Aug 11, 2002.

  1. Jerrys Lawn Service

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    This year we bought coffee mugs and refrigerator magnets for all of our clients and gota great positive responce. Everyone liked the mugs and having our number on the frig where they can find it. It was just a simple thankyou, but what great PR. The mugs were real cheap we got them at, they print the mugs any way you want. They cost us $1.69 per mug when you buy 144. Good Luck!

  2. MSYardman

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    Refrigerator magnets are a great advertising source. Everybody uses them and usually can use "one more".

    You're right. It keeps your name right in front of them all year long. Plus, if you get a little clever and make a nice design, you usually get top billing.
  3. thfireman

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    I went to an ad specialty company and ordered weather stations with my logo and number on them. I give them to all my customers and prospective new customers. They cost $1.69 each when I ordered 144 and the people love them. They have a rain guage, thermometer and a dial to keep track of rain totals. They have gotten me several customers calling back.
  4. Sean Adams

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    Great idea guys. About 4 or 5 years ago we gave a "Thank You" pack to all our VIP clients. Included lots of great stuff and they were very appreciative. I don't remember exactly where we had everything printed and made because we went through a local PR firm here in my hometown.

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