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mulch and weeds


LawnSite Senior Member
I help my grandparents with mulching their flower beds every spring. They insist on using that black paper under the mulch, but every year the weeds just grow in the mulch. First does this paper help anything?? Is there any way to prevent the weeds and grass from growing in the mulch?? Or any other tips to help make these a weed free beds??

Thanks snapper


LawnSite Member
Cheyenne, WY
The weed seeds are probably coming from the mulch. My supplier says that snapshot is an excellent product for beds and landscapes. $87.00 for a 50# bag. A 50# bag will treat 14,500 sqf. It will give you season long control. However, it will kill annuals. First year you can about 75% results. Second year about 95%


LawnSite Senior Member
we don't put any paper or weedblock down. it's a p.i.t.a. and as soon as weeds come up, customers think we did something wrong and that we should come out and pull the weeds for free. we tell them that the proper way to handle weeds is the old fashion way, by getting out there and weeding every month, which, as it so happens, we would be glad to do for them, at a cost of $xx.xx each month.

also, the second we see any plastic edging, bricks, stones, etc., we immediately tell the customer that we do not work with those products. we create natural transitions with the step edger, and we insist to the customer that if they let us take the plastic or bricks up they will be very happy with the results.