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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by baja4wd, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. baja4wd

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    How many bags of hardwood mulch does it take to equal a yard of bulk much? I need to install 5 yards & was looking at the ease of install with the bags, just wanted to get a round number for the amount needed to make a yard. My math came out to roughly 14 bags to make a 1 cubic yard?
  2. echovalley

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    9 3cubic foot bags =1yrd
  3. mrbray101

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    a cube yard is 3x3x3, 27 cubic feet. So like echovalley said 9 3cu ft. backs or like you said 14 2cu ft. bags. In my opinion, anything that is a smaller job like 5 yards it is actually easier using bags. A lot will argue this and say it is more expensive but I think that the convinience is worth it...just carry the bag and slice it open and dump it out. hardly even have to use a rake or shovel for the job.
  4. lawnmaniac883

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    I agree with this one, have a similar dilemma myself. Guy wants alot of pine bark delivered/spread, need to measure still but I am leaning towards the bags. Main reason is I dont have a place for the mulch to be dumped and a short bed wont carry much more than 2 yds.
  5. LawnScenes

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    I'd rather use the bags also. And I push them usually in mulching bids. Although more expensive, it's pretty easy to sell. Seems to me bags save a lot more time also. No filling up a wheel barrow or loader bucket, taking it where you need it, then emptying and spreading it. With a guy or two carrying bags and a guy or two cutting them open and spreading them you can get a good bit of mulch done fairly quickly.
  6. baja4wd

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    from South
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    Much thanks everyone, gotta tell you I nailed down my first commercial account with a national hotel chain. Signed the deal last week & the mulching, color is the first step. I had just been a cut & blow residential & worked for multiple home builders sprucing up and maintaining the new sale homes. Really excited and look forward to the landscaping part. Thanks
  7. YardPro

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    we did a time survey last year and found that it was cheaper for us to use bags...

    we were paying $24.00/yard for bulk.... and $28.00/yd for bag... BUT the bad laid SOOOOOO much faster.... no cleanup, easier to transport, and we knew exactly how much went out at eash home... no guessing....

    We have since found a source that we buy an 80 yd tractor trailer for $1k... so for our larger properties we have gone back to bulk.
  8. ProMo

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    I use bagged 1 pallet=5yds
  9. tcls83

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    In my opinion, most bagged mulch (Home Depot) looks nasty and it's not as natural looking. I think the garden center's mulch by the yard is a lot higher quality of mulch. Yes, the bagged mulch is easier to put down, but bagged mulch seems more suitable as a band-aid or for a very small area. In my opinion the red mulch is the worst looking to me, It is almost a flourescent pink, gross! Well to be honest with you, I've never been a fan of red mulch, and most of my clients around here agree also. But I've seen their bark mulch though, and that actually does seem like a pretty decent quality mulch for bagged mulch.

    My suggestion is to get the mulch by the yard if you want to make your work look really nice. The extra labor time should weigh evenly with the money you save.
  10. alwaysgreener

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    Now I don't want to sound mean..But it say your in busines for 15 years is this right??

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