Mulch, Bagged or Bulk?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by knox gsl, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. knox gsl

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    I'm trying to figure out what the normal for this industry is on mulch supply. I know for my area that most everyone uses bulk and goes and gets it as needed.

    My question is do you use bagged or bulk and do you buy it per job of in large bulk loads. I know I can get a slight price break if I buy by the truck load but I have no where to store 30+ yards of mulch at a time.

    For the guys using the bag stuff do you order it several pallets at a time, get a semi load all at once or go over to the local supplier and get 15 or 20 bags at the time?

    What is a going rate in your area for the bag stuff as well for just common double ground not the specialty stuff? What is the going rate for bulk mulch in area? For me the bulk is $18/yard non dyed and $22/yard dyed and I have no idea what the bagged stuff cost, I just know that it is more than bulk and I've used it once and hated that I had to get ride of all those bags, but I did like the fact that it was better if I over calculated I could easily store it till a later time on another project.
  2. Turf Dawg

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    I know everybody has different opinions but for my set up I prefer the bagged. I have used both bagged and bulk and still prefer bagged.

    The place I purchase plants, mulch, pots, ect....... is 2.40 on 2cu ft double ground hardwood. They have the same stuff in bulk for 24.50 a yard. So the bagged stuff I buy is 7.90 a yard higher but works out better for me. I am going to need 6 yards next week for a job so I will go pick up 2 pallets and have them stack the bags on my 16' flatbed, that way it fits below the rail and is easy to haul and I do not have to get rid of the pallets.
  3. HPSInc

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    i always use bulk. especially if mulching an entire bed or home. its cheaper and dare i say it, better quality. atleast near me the bulk mulch is very nice and spreads with ease. brown is around 25/yrd and black is 35/yrd. something right around there. bag mulch sometimes turns into bricks..always busting it up and playing with all those bags and huffing them around. I could also lay bulk out the back of a dump truck alot faster than bagged and it will look just as good as bag mulch and be easier to lay. I only use bagged mulch if i only need a little for a couple trees or something. then it makes sense to pick up a few bags instead. I only buy mulch when I need it. Th nursery is just down the street from me anyways.
  4. Century Landscape

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    For me, so far I've only ever used the bagged. The landscape supply companies I called all wanted quite a bit more for the bulk then what I can get the bagged for.

    Don't remember any prices off the top of my head though . . .

    Did get a great deal when Lowe's and Home Depot were selling their 2 cu. ft bags for 1.98 each
  5. GunnPropertyServices

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    I have used both and i still have not decided what i like better. Bagged is more expensive but easier to install saves money on labor, i do hate throwing away all those bags though seems like such a waste

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