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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by satch, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. satch

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    This is an exsisting bed with plastic under the mulch.1628 sq.ft.The plastic has to be removed.Then remulch the bed i have it figured at 21 yards.i always figure 1yard covers 75sq.ft. 4 inchsthick.Total bid is $1200.00.What do you guys think to high,to low ,or just right.
  2. LCME

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    I'm new at this so here goes...
    What is you material cost and your per man hour rate? Are you hauling away old mulch material after removing plastic?.

    21 yards x 65 per yard = $1365 (if your material cost is $20 or less)
    Prep remove plastic 3 hours x 45 per man hour = $135 (i'm guessing you will prep in 3 hours)
    Clean-up fee 1 hr x 45 = $45
    Delivery fee 1 trip x 65 = $65
    Haul away fee 1 trip x 65 = $65 (for the plastic, etc.)

    Grand total = $1675

    Your estimate is low in my opinion. Good luck, LCME
  3. o-so-n-so

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    I think you could be very low for that job. Removing the fabric along can ( but not always) be labor intense.

    Need more details....does your price include any direct costs? If you are furnishing all materials and dump fees at your price, you are losing big time. I think you could tie up 2 days on that job.

    good luck
  4. polecat63

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    I agree as well. Unless you're getting that mulch for free that is way too low.
  5. jim dailey

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    I am going to want to agree, more or less, with LCME on his figures. Divide this job into 2 jobs: The prep., and the finished product. You have to price 2 things here: your labor rate and your rate of the finished mulch product. I cannot speak for your area, but around N.E. the labor rate is probably higher. I and my customers have no problem with a labor rate of $40-45/hour. I do mulch at the rate of $ 65.00/ finished product. I can get Premium Hemlock for $30-32/cubic yard, and I charge $65 finished: picked-up, delivered, edged and spread. SO: up here, 21 cubic yards of premium hemlock @ $ 65/yard equals $1365. I figure your clean-up, haul-away and pick-up of new mulch to total 1/2 day: 4 hours X $45.00 equals $180.00. There is a slight price difference between LCME and myself, but we are in the same ballpark. Don't forget, your profit lies in your labor and your mark-up of the mulch. You have to know what your local market will bear. If you have to, ask some of the LCO's around what they are charging. Take it from there.

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