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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by nvrstsfd23, Dec 13, 2006.

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    I am looking at a few bids for mulch jobs. They are calling for twice a year a 2" mulch layer, clean up the debri in the bed, add weed prevention herbicide. The first is with 32 yards of mulch for 2895, 3520, and 4160 with material cost of 15 per yard plus labor. This works out to 45, 55, and 65 per yard. The other calls for 52 yards of mulch with the same per yard numbers. Which of these sound most accurate for a company to charge. I want a company that will charge what it is worth but not try to take advantage or try to low ball the price. I want everyone to be happy the company make money and I get the service I want. What do you guys think.
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    All three are cheaper than what I would charge. The job depends on access, distance from supplier, edging those prices it is a very good deal compared to my area (prices vary greatly from area to area) so I say go with whoever you like best.
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    very easy access, The mulch will be delivered to the job at 15 per yard and there is no bed edging just running a weedeater around the rings of trees and beds. Should be pretty simple.
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    I usually charge no less than $60-$65/yard of mulch including the cost of mulch + a destination charge (delivery/setup fee). That is assuming there isn't a lot of work to do in the beds. If there is it can easily jump to $70-$75/yard. If there is bermuda or zoysia growing in the beds then it goes up more. That being said with them doing so many yards (32) I belive a small discount is in order so I would say the one for less than 3k is very cheap almost to cheap. The one for $3500 is a pretty good deal and the one for $4k seems about right.
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    we charge $100/yard i dont know about your area but this is ours also be careful applying that "weed prevention herbicide" you may need a license for that

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    We charge $75 a yard installed. Bed-prep and weed control is extra.
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    For a job your size (32 yds) we would probably charge $75 per yard (Mulch + labor) with our blower truck. If we had to put the mulch down by hand the cost would probably be $90 per yard.

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