Mulch blades for Walker GHS?


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I was looking at the Toro atomic blades recently and was wondering if there is anything similar that will fit on
a 48" Walker GHS deck? Would they make any difference in cut quality? (We bag all jobs here) Would they cut up grass
finer so it takes longer to fill the catcher?
Any advice appreciated.



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northeast ,ohio
asked my dealer same question his answer was that they do not make a size that would fit within the height and width of many of the ghs and sd decks plus with the ghs you need one to be left handed

i felt let down too


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I use Gator blades on my 42" Walker for bagging, and for my mulching deck. My mulching deck is twice as good when using the Gator blades. When bagging they help chop up the grass more so less dumping. Mow More Catalogs have gator blades for the Walker. or call 1-800-866-9667 for your catalog