MULCH BLOWER or GOOD IDEA for 1500 Yards of Mulch!!!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ParksLandscaping, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. ParksLandscaping

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    I have been asked to submit a proposal for a government agency for 1500 yards of mulch. That is what they have estimated the total amount of yards to be for spreading around trees and in beds 4".

    I am wondering what the best way to do this. I am assuming a project this big you would want to use a mulch blower. I am located in SE Michigan. I wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Should I buy or does some know of someone who has one in Michigan or would come to Michigan? Thanks

  2. jkelton

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    If I was closer, I would definitely drive up there to help you out. But, since I am not, give these guys a call:

    (440) 236-3550

    They are out of Columbia Station, OH. I'm sure they would be happy to work with you on this. Ask for Barry Morton - he is the president. I have personally talked with him before - he seems to be a very knowledgeble person. Is this job for one location? If so, this must be a very large facility.
  3. mdb landscaping

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    unless you have enough work to shell out well over $100,000 for a mulch blower, i would recommend subbing it to another company with one. I used to work for a guy who bought a used mulchblower, and that thing was awesome. Mulchblowers are great in the spring when you are real busy, but its tough keeping em busy right through fall. if you dont have work for it from spring-fall, its going to make it tough justifying the cost. i know the guy i worked for is looking into shooting a topsoil/seed mixture through it so he can do lawn installs as well.
  4. rodfather

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    What about back hoes and skid steers?
  5. jkelton

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    rodfather - I hope you were kidding. Subbing this work out to someone who has a mulch blower will be the only feasible way to go. You will be able to make good money on a project like that, esp. if you consider a mulch blower will typically save 10~20% on material costs alone.
    But with that said, I would definitely take a look at the contract. You can get burned real bad depending on how the job contract is set up. If the contract states 4" depth, but no mention of the 1500 cubic yards, make sure you take your own area measurements. I personally would not depend on anyone else's measurements, unless the contract states that they specifically want 1500 cubic yards of mulch and that is the basis of payment.
  6. Mykster

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    Definateley sub out.
  7. Katwalk

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    First, I would ask them to tell you why they want 4" of mulch. If 2" of mulch saves them almost half on material cost they might like you for saving them money and consider you in other projects. YOU MUST TAKE THE MEASUREMENTS YOURSELF!! Even guys that have worked for me swore that the property was 10,000 square feet ....little did they know that I had measured it twice and I got the quote from a chemical company that had also measured it. Sell them on 2" this year and 2" next year. They are only good jobs if you can make money at them. 4" of mulch that fill up with weeds in two months is useless. Again, sell them 2" of mulch with pre-emergent weed control, with 2-3 follow up visits to spray for weeds. Less money....better finished product. Good Luck. Ryan

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