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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by conepile, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. conepile

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    Does anyone have any experience with mulch blowers?

    As a person who wants to cry when looking at the 10 cubic foot wheelbarrow next to the 25 yard pile of mulch, and knowing it's all mine, I seek alternatives. Making $ AND saving time is the best alternative. Hiring help has been frustrating.

    How much might it cost to sub-out the service?

    How much might it cost to rent one?

    Is rental even an option, and if so, who would carry it?

    What price range might it be to purchase one, as a means of perhaps specializing in the service?
  2. jkelton

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    There is a blowing service located near you that I have talked to before. The name of the outfit is Green Grox Express - they are located in Columbus. Their web address is:

    Hope this helps.
  3. landscaper3

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    We go through 2 to 3 trailer truck loads of mulch and we use to do the old way like one of our condominiums take 60yards of mulch took 8guys 8-9hrs do to some beds were on steep hills, we did the same property this year with a FINN 1.5 YARD BARK BLOWER, 3 guys 5-6 hrs BIG savings. As far as rental call all your local renters and some of the LARGE landscape companies. You will save a ton of time with these machines.
  4. CT18fireman

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    Landscaper near me uses his v-box sand spreader. He removes the chute. Backs up to a bed with the box full and lets the conveyor unload it. Then his workers can just rake it out. Claims it saves him a ton of time and less mess then blowing. I may try it next year.
  5. landscaper3

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    You must of misread it we have 2-3 trailer loads of mulch delivered at our retail shop the trailers have LIVE floors they unload 90yards in 5minutes, as far as the bark blower its a 1.5yard Finn we load hopper up with skidsteer and spray mulch on beds just like the Express blower but its a trailer type not truck type. You can lay down 80yards in 1 day with that bark blower!
  6. CT18fireman

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    This guy buys mulch from me. I get over 200yrds every year. I use about 125 and sell the rest. He has a 3yrd spreader that he puts sides on to hold about 6yrds. I load him full and he drops it at his properties.. This is a lot quicker then him shoveling wheelbarrows. Just a thought of how one guy works.

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