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Mulch Blower

I am looking to either rent a mulch blower or sub out a 40 yard mulch job in SE Michigan (48439 - south side, almost at the border of Genesee and Oakland counties) sometime around late April into May. I have never ran a machine like this before so it may be better to sub it out if anyone is interested. However, if anyone also knows where I can rent a machine myself I will look into that as well.


LawnSite Member
Why dont you just do it by hand with barrels. The amount of money your going to spend on that rental, you could pay the guys. They say the tow behind units can do 60 yards a day. But then you need a machine to load it. I dont know. id think it through before you go renting one of those. I did 85 yards in 2 days with me and 2 other guys. 2 on barrels and one spreading. I had all 85 yards dropped on site. They brought it on a live floor trailer. I wish i was closer to you. id do it in a heartbeat.