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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by FIREMAN, Mar 2, 2001.


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    I was at the NJ landscape show and saw some interesting info on mulch blowers, my business could not support the expense but, what a way knock out work.... theyu claim they can spread 50-60 yards per truck per fill...well 2 fill is about as much mulch as i regularly do in a spring "re-mulch season"...I could have them spread it as I supervise and then spend a day blowing of plants and cleaning up...they cost about 32 dollars a yard and have a 12 yard minimum..maybe its worth serious thought...what do you all think???
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    Sub it! Its nice to collect money for watching other people work :).
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    Be sure that you see the mulch that is being used and go see one of their finished jobs. We've noticed that blown mulch looks finer, almost dusty. This can give it a flat, dull appearance. Also the finer mulch tends to gray out faster, IMHO.

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