Mulch Blowers


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I was wondering if anyone has used the wood mulch blowers. It sure would beat all those wheelbarrow loads. What I have read they are like blowing housing insulation, just point and shoot. I saw that Finn makes one, anyone else? What do they cost?<p>Thanks, <br> John <br> Turpin


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I've talked to guys that have them and they do work awesome. We sub out some work to a company that blows mulch for us. One thing to consider, theirs are truck mounted and require a front-end loader to load. I think Finn has a trailer unit you could load w/ your bobcat, though.<p>They're kinda messy (hard to keep mulch off lawn) and the chips may be too small for some folks.


I think that they are great if you have the business for one. The small traler mounted units probally are more trouble than they are worth for most situations. They have a small capicity, 1-2 yards, and require a loader on site to keep filling it up.<p>The larger truck mounted units have a higher capicity and can be loaded at the yard, go out and blow a job. <p>That kind of work could probally be better performed by a subcontractor. That is a substantial investment in equipment and truck. If you had the resources, you could maybe make a business out of subbing for other contractors. <p>I have a friend that is in the insulating business, and we have tossed the isea of trying to convert one of his old insulation blowres to a mulch blower. Would make an interesting project...