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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by rdm251, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. rdm251

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    Where can I find mulch blowers and what are the general price ranges of these machines
    MGM Landscape
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    I visited Finn in Cincinnati, as well as Rexius in Eugene, OR earlier this year, as I was looking to purchase one as well. There is also one made by Peterson Pacific, though they are just getting back into this work due to business problems. Anyway, a complete unit (truck, not tow-behind) will run in the range of $200,000-300,000, depending on size and vendor. A 30 yard Rexius EB-30 (now just Express Blower, as this portion of Rexius' business was bought out by Finn) will run $240,000 (with options), while a Finn will run about $215,000 (after you supply the truck) for a 20 yd unit. I am partial to the Express Blower, for too many reasons to list here.

    My biggest hangup in making the purchase is how to get ten months utility out of it. The market for many of the blower's capabilities is not quite developed enough in my area, and would really require a significant sales effort to change. I'm still looking at that, by developing a business plan that includes a full-time saleperson.
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    I worked for a guy this summer who had a finn 20 yd model barkblower mounted on an international. He bought it used with very little time on it for $110,000 i think. If you make an investment like that, you got to have a lot of work for it. I know in his case, he did a lot of jobs all over the state. he even went to new york to spread 15 inches of mulch under a trapeese training school place. He did though have to switch out the air box which set him back $8,000. Its a very efficient machine and does work fast. as far as utility goes, he is going to make compost from fall leaves, and shoot them through the blower with a seed mixture to do lawns. i also read where you can blow chipped asphault through them to do roofs.
  5. hoyboy

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    I shelled out $290,000 for my Rexius a few years ago. Sold it a couple years later.

    Dan Norton
  6. Guido

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    3 or 4 contractors going in on it together and share maintenance costs, etc. Between the groups, they keep it pretty busy.

    It's a huge chunk of change, but its a great machine (I've used an EB) and can make a lot of money for the guy who bites the bullet and buys one.

    You could market to other LCO's and be a sub-contractor for their mulch work.
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    A supplier that I use has 2 of the Rexius ones that can hold 60 yards each. They are great machines. Besides the other LCO's for targeted customers that Guido mentions, this company sells to the State DOT, other local government agencies, and the developer\builder types. They blow a lot of top soil for those types and the 2 trucks are booked solid sunup to sundown from March through October (maintenance & some loading happens in the dark, so they are quite busy). The thing that he mentioned to me when talking about them is that there is a whole lot of maintenance involved in keeping them running. So that is something to keep mindful of when planning to purchase one.
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    Hoyboy: Why did you sell it?
  9. hoyboy

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    There were several reasons I sold it. It clogged quite a bit with landscape mulch. I lacked management to run it (it wasn't the turnkey operation I thought it would be) because I was busy running my landscape company. It doesn't put out 60 yds an hour like they 15 yds. of landscape mulch and your doing good. Playground mulch was the best...probably about 30 yds/hr. Very nice profits with that stuff.

    You've already got a company down in Indy. I used them once.

    If I had a good manager, I'd consider giving it a whirl again someday. I had some pretty good customers up here in Chicago and was beginning to make a name for it.

    I'd definitely do some things different this time around, though. It was an expensive education, but the idea does have merits.

    You'll lose your shirt if your not careful, though.

    good luck.
  10. Finn

    1.5 yrd trailer $35k

    5 yrd trailer $55k

    8yrd truck or hd trailer mounted $78k you supply what it goes on

    16yrd truck or hd trailer mounted $107k you supply what it goes on

    I demoed the 1.5 for a few days, quick but you will have to keep it filled by shovel or loader. It is the most cost effective one for the $20k difference.

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