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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Gold Leaf Lawnscapes, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. snowracer919

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    Hey noname would you happen to know your average per yard installation time when your using a bark blower.
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    As the owner of two 40 yard bark blower trucks, I could post endless information about them on this forum. Considering they are a very specialized piece of equipment, I'd rather talk directly to guys interested in buying one by phone. Just PM me your contact.
    I will post: if you are a capable business owner, but a smaller company, blower trucks will make you money.
    Some of the biggest things you need to know, how to weld, diagnose, repair, motivate. Breakdowns on trucks are never ending. Motivations because the season is short in some areas and you'll work non stop.
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    Craiglist, equipment trader. ebay. Just seaching used Finn usually pulls them up. I know Finn typically has some demo and used ones, and you can contact there corp location direct. Not a bad way to go as they go thru them to insure they are good to go. There are SOO many ware parts that cost a lot, but again its not an off brand. You can contact Finn direct and tell them your mod and they have all parts in stock and will ship out VERY fast. With our bad econ and not much snow in the past few years Id guess there will be all kinds of equipment up for sale in the next few months.
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    Its going to vary on a lot of things because of the start up and shut down times. How many yards are going in one spot. How much to work around plants, beds house etc. But on a complete average id say 12 yards when considering all factors. Again I had crews do 4 yards in an hr and i had a crew do 30 in an hr because it was a large island bed. The machine is only as good as the guys running it. Sorry it's not a set answer.. but as you know if you are in this line of work... nothing is the same, nothing goes as planned and you will never get paid what you are truely worth!!

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