Mulch Blowing Needed SE Indiana

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by hoffmanlandscaping, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. hoffmanlandscaping

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    I'm looking for someone to do some mulch blowing in southeastern Indiana zip 47022. I have a client that want to mulch a large area behind his house for a play/picnic area. The area is approx 250ft X 50ft. I'm looking for someone to sub the mulching out to. So if anyone is interested please send me an email or PM me. This is going to be a winter project so your probally looking at the end of Nov. begining of Dec. time frame. Thanks
  2. green horizons

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    Must the mulch be blown? If the area is open/accessible, a tractor
    and a couple of laborers could do it in a day or two. If it doesn't
    need blown, I would consider submitting a bid to you.
  3. hoffmanlandscaping

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    The best way would be to blow the mulch. The area sets behind the customers house and is loaded with trees. He doesn't want his yard torn or marked up and you wouldn't be able to manuever the tractor around. I consider laying down plywood and using my skid steer but would rather just have it blown in if its fessible. I recieved a quote from Evans which wasn't too bad but didn't know if anyone else around would be interested in blowing or had the equipment. Thanks for the interest though I will keep you in mind if I deside to sub it out that way.
  4. Baumer

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    Try Mason Lawn Care. They are located in Mason, OH. The owner's name is Mark and they do great work. I've known him for years. He did our mulch blowing at Viox when we had the P&G accounts and did a few jobs for us at Greystone Landscape out of Mason as well.

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