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Mulch Calculations


LawnSite Senior Member
Akron, Ohio
I am trying to figure out the amount of mulch needed for one of my properties how in the heck do I figure this out.


Jeff Smith
JRS Lawn & Landscape


LawnSite Bronze Member
Depth x width x length of the area to be mulched.
Divide that number by 27 and there you have your cubic yards.
Do like I did.Go to Lowes and pick up a project calculator.That saves me from having to remember formulas.:)


LawnSite Member
Hebron, KY
(Length x Width x Depth) / 324 = Yards of Mulch

An example would be...The area in question is 35 feet long and 6 feet wide at a 3 inch depth.

(35 x 6 x 3) / 324 = 1.94 Yards of Mulch
length x width/100. That gives you between 2 and 3" of mulch, which is all you ever need at one time. Plus this will give you a little bit more, so you dont have to stretch it out at the end.

Ill take the other figures.....35 x 6 / 100= 2.1 yrds