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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by parisq, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. parisq

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    I've got a few acres (maybe more, depending on energy level) to clear of heavy brush and small trees. This clearing includes chipping (up to 4", anything bigger is firewood). I'm looking at how to transport the chipped debris across my own property (up to 1/4 mile) for disposal, also onto my own property. As I'm no longer a young man, I'm looking at doing as little as possible of the physically handling of the debris after being cut and chipped, my newbie thinking is to buy a small utility dump trailer (up to 6K capacity) and shoot the chips into it to haul and dump. This make sense? For maximum capacity and to confine the chips to the trailer when chipping I'm thinking I would build walls and a roof over the trailer. And to keep the weight down, as well as the install, uninstall hassle, I'd build the walls and roof out of wood (for the frame) and canvas. Does this plan make sense or is there a better way? Appreciate any and all replies.
  2. Smallaxe

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    I would burn a brush pile rather than go through all that trouble... Why are you not using the chips right where they are at? What is the future of the land you are clearing?

    Yes, that is generally how massive amonts of chips are moved about, but that is typically eliminating one problem by creating another problem and putting in extra work to do so... JMO... :)
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    Massachusetts is notoriously anti-burning friendly, especially in the small town I'm in. Plus, they only allow small burn piles for a couple of weeks in early April of each year. Much of what I'll be chipping will go right back onto the ground as mulch. But I have some work to do surrounded by finished lawns and alongside roadways where the chips can't go.
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    What about taking all the brush to the chipper and not have to haul chips. If you have a large trailer or grapple for a loader this may work better. Maybe even rent a small loader with a grapple for a weekend to transport everything to one work area.
  5. agrostis

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    What are you going to use to chip this stuff up ? Are you aware that freshly chipped mulch has a a lot of free nitrogen and will burn most anything you use it around. Three months at a minimum is how long i think mulch should be aged before it is used.
  6. Darryl G

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    Well, you could just broadcast the wood chips rather than pile them. If you keed the chipper shoot high and just let them fly and/or move it now and then you won't have any noticeable piles. You could also just pile them and then rent a tractor with front end loader or skid steer to transport them across your property. Do you really need to transport them off your property for disposal...I'd try to avoid that. I just can't see buying a buying a trailer unless you're going to have long term use for it. You may also be able to get people to haul the chips off for free.
  7. coolluv

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  8. parisq

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    Greenstarlawns: My second option is to haul the brush to the chipper, but then the need for a larger trailer comes into play. Plus, more frequent trips to the chipper/dump site and I'm handling the brush twice before chipping.

    Agrostis: I don't plan to use the chipped mulch. My plan was to simply spread it in a cleared, once-forested area. The high nitrogen, burn characteristic of the fresh mulch might actually help me control and eliminate the "trash-grass" on the forest floor.

    Darryl Gesner: All transport and dumping is on my own property. The idea is to transport to dump to one big pile then spread with a loader.

    Coolluv: A mulching head would be nice but overkill for my brush/chipping needs. Plus, they don't rent them in my area.
  9. Darryl G

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    I don't get why you don't just bring the chipper to the brush and let it fly then. Why pile it just to spread it again?

    You might want to go in there with a tractor and heavy duty brush hog first and mow down what you can...that's what I do. I just run over/grind up anything 2 inches and under.
  10. parisq

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    That's what I'm hoping will save me much of the chipping as I do have access to a CTL with a HD brush hog. I just don't know yet how fine it will chop up the brush and small trees, some of which are 3 to 5 inches.

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