Mulch...Delivered or Haul it yourself?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Ecoscape01, Mar 8, 2007.

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    ^^^ I hear you, i saved so much time by moving my truck around and not loading and un loading a cart, and saved my back too. I get about 2 yards in my truck, and will make as many trips as needed to finish. Now if i have help working with me i did get some drop off but that was over 10 yards. I think a Dingo would be nice and fast to load the cart up. I am going to try the Load handler this year and see how it works out.
  2. Carolina Cuts

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    Good topic to think about for me.... reason being... Last year, I did the plywood walls in the trailer thing and hauled my own... my calculations were ALWAYS dead on... as I always added one extra yard when putting the mulch down. Cept'... one particular mulch job last year, I had ALL mulch delivered. And happened to be two yards short... This year so far, the jobs I delivered myself were dead on calculation amounts. And the jobs I had delivered are coming up short... most recently, this past Tuesdays job consisted of 22 yards of mulch delivered by the store happened to be once again... almost 4 yards short. Wouldn't it be pretty hard to mis-count 4 YARDS OF MULCH?? I know I'm not the sharpest blade on the mower, but C'MON!?!?!?

    Coincedence??? That everytime THEY deliver, I'm short mulch? But when I get it myself, my amounts are just right?
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    I pick it up. But around here there are many mulch places and its only about a 10 minute drive from wherever I am. Makes it easier than shoveling off the ground. I did 15 yards once delivered, then the next year did it out of the truck 3 yards at a time and it was quicker and easier doing it out of the truck. It depends on the account though, becasue this was a commercial property that we could reach everything with the truck so didnt have to wheelbarrow anything.
  4. Grn Mtn

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    Have you brought this up with the dealer?

    2 yards or less I hual anything more I have delivered. Same with debris, if I am doing a renovation I will have a 10-30yard dumpster delivered. There is no greater waste of time than unloading your trailer at the dump one stump/branch/sod pile at a time. + I have the company bill the customer directly so if we go over weight I don't have to fight with the customer for the extra money.
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    No, not as of yet. I don't like pointing the finger at someone... ugh... That's a tough thing to do .... specially since there are only a few mulch suppliers here. The latest job was the kicker for me though. Unfortunately, these guys seem really cool, and are always willing to work with me because the jobs I get are decent jobs... 15+yards/house... If I ask for morning delivery with 24 hours in advance... I get it. They always deliver RIGHT where I want, never had a problem with them as far as courtesy goes. And I'd hate to think they were skimmin', because, that just too unethical. But I KNOW how to count mulch. Hell, I grew up at a garden/mulch center my uncle owned up in New Jersey. I was the "Mulchin' Fool" ;)

    I'm pricing another job this weekend... 15+ yards again... gonna double count... Order... and see how it goes.

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    I have the opposite problem with delivery, I seem to get 'hooked up' with little extra really I have no need to have 3 yards left over and have to load by hand into the truck bed. Going with bagged mulch has eliminated this :)

    Hey if that supplier is shorting you TELL think if you kept cutting only 75% of a customers lawn they would just put up with it because you're a nice guy???
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    For those who know they're going to do quite amount of mulch each year, if you have space at your yard/lot/shop do you have loads delivered in bulk and then use ss/dingo/etc to load on trailer and/or truck at your place and then go to the job?

    e.g. You know you're going to do at least 50 yds this year, would you just have 50 yds delivered to your shop and then just load it yourself with your equipment for each job?

    I have been thinking of doing this to allow me to purchase larger loads for a bigger discount and also purchase from cheaper supplier farther away and have delivered to my shop.
  8. Ecoscape01

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    I read on another site, a guy saying just to use bags for residential jobs and he said, "ya it's a little more expensive but it's a lot less of a pain". Just an FYI for the newbies - I found this site and I'm gonna try it for my first mulch job. I see so many threads about estimating mulch jobs. Hopefully this calculator is accurate. Maybe the experienced guys could go to this site and check it out for me. Just plug in a number that you know how much you would use and compare it to what the site's calculator comes up with and let me know how accurate/inaccurate it is.
  9. Total.Lawn.Care

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    I haul my own and always buy bulk. I do nto have a dump, but I use a 7X16 flatbed. I real flatbed (not with the 1ft rail like in Buckeye's picture) with 2' high sides built on it. I can put at least 8 yards in it and the sides are removeable, so as we work up the trailer, we take the sides off and load from the side of the trailer. Works well.
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    I have been jipped a few times as well. The saw mill Is use are pretty good. I prefer to get it my self and I always over order. I like the beds to be deep....

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