Mulch...Delivered or Haul it yourself?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Ecoscape01, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Woody82986

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    I have only had two mulch jobs that I have had delivered. Both times it seemed like I ended up with a little extra as well. When I go and pick it up with my trailer, the guy normally gives me a half yard to a yard extra anyway, unless I tell him not to. Haha, he is a hispanic fellow who works for the materials place. Every time he adds a little extra he says, "Hey, it's just a little extra mulch! Have a great day!"
  2. topsites

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    Now that's also a double axle trailer!

    My biggest problem is location, I like having it on the trailer because I can angle it and back it up to exactly where I want it, and I have a 6x12x2 single axle.

    I can reasonably always fit 4 cubic yards, but I also have a 2500 3/4 ton series truck and I have heavier duty load-rating radial tires on the trailer (cuz bias-ply sux lol), and it is not unusual for me to get 5 cu.s on there, but I have learned the hard way that the guy running the loader tends to not fill the scoops as much, in an apparent effort to not overload me, I can appreciate the concern but I find I can almost get more per yard if I just get 4 (and it doesn't overload the trailer).
    But yeah, I almost always get at least 4 cu's, it's my favorite load.

    Here's what mine looks like with 4 cu's on it...
    Notice the flat spot on the tire (you need to watch your tires, they will tell you when to stop loading) and how it's backed to the curb which allows the gate to drop almost horizontally onto the turf (less of an incline), also the red tarp is spread out before I drop the gate so as to catch the overflow in the 2nd pic, anyway:


  3. GreenN'Clean

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    I prefer to haul it to the jobs myself on smaller jobs under 10 yards of mulch. I have it delivered to jobs where it takes 10 or more yards of mulch and I want to save time from driving back and forth to deliver it myself.
  4. KathysLGC

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    I've been meaning to upgrade my tires. I think many don't look at them when filling their trailers. They stop when the trailer can't hold any more. Mulch thankfull isn't as heavy as top soil so that's why I have to stop at 2 yards of top soil. I have the 15" rims so I will be regreasing my bearings and getting new tires in a few weeks. I have a bunch of top soil jobs and boy is it so much easier driving the trailer on the yard right where I need the top soil.....
  5. Woody82986

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    I just got a 4 yard cedar mulch installation signed up 5 minutes ago. I will be doing the hauling this time.
  6. Mike Fronczak

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    I haul it myself. My trailer (6x12) dump with sides can hold 10 yard if I compact it. I get it deliver to my shop in 70 yard loads, it's not worth driving to the supplier (producer) for the $ 70.00 they charge for delivery. Most jobs we work off the trailer, I have dropped two loads on a rain day to install the next day, this was so I could bring the toro out to do the install with.
  7. Carolina Cuts

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    wow.... my last yard would've taken over 300 bags!!!.. Lottsa bags!!!:cry:
  8. TXNSLighting

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    man, maybe i can fit more than 4 yards in the trailer...
  9. TXNSLighting

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    very interesting...and something to think about.
  10. grandview (2006)

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    When I pick up mulch I look to see who's running the loader.If I go and ask for 3 yds I get 3 yds.the one guy gives you exactly what you ordered, and the other guy overfills it. So the guy who overfills it I always ask for half of what I need and they charge me only for 1.5 yds.

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