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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by yardsmith, Aug 8, 2000.

  1. yardsmith

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    Saw in a turf mag about a year ago on mulch dye being used to revamp the look of existing mulch without having to cart in more mulch all over again, saving time & money too.
    Anyone ever used this, & anyone else know names of suppliers & ball park fig. on cost of it for whatever size it comes in?
  2. Guido

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    Sorry Smitty, I saw it in a mag, but thats about it. I'm curious to hear about it too though,

  3. logjammer

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    We use Nu-Mulch by Lesco, on one of our large commercial accounts. We have used the cypress color for the past couple of years with good results. We used the darker color this year, which looks a little better, but not as defined. It really makes a difference and lasts for a couple of months depending on rain fall. The only problem with the process is that every one driving by stares at you, especially other landscapers who are laughing their a$$e$ off because you are painting the mulch. I recommend it, totally.
  4. GroundKprs

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    Haven't used the Lesco product, but have used Mulch Magic (by Becker-Underwood, I think). Do be careful if working near concrete: it will stain big time. I purposely sprayed a foundation in a hidden area 4 years ago, and it still shows. But it will not stain plants like that! Really a good way to easily refresh mulch, but need to protect walks or curbs if working right up to concrete. I assume you would get the same effect on wood or siding.
  5. pete

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    I have used a product called mulch magic, mostly for people that are trying to sell there houses and want to keep the mulch dark brown. All of my guys think its funny when we go do it. In my opinion you have to have good mulch down before you can use it. It works well to darken it up but you cant pull the illusion with year old mulch. The old mulch has lost too much of its "mulchieness" for it to work. I wouldnt use it in a high traffic area because if the mulch gets scuffed you can tell its fake. I think i bought it in a quart jug for like $7 maybe? I think you can get it in gal 5 gal and 55 gal, but i dont know. If you do use it be carefull, if you spray it on something accidetaly wash it off, takes a while to ware off
  6. Cannonturf

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    Becker/Underwood makes all of Lesco's dyes. I happen to have met Mr Underwood. His cabin is next to my father in law's. Small world

    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have used a product called "Liquid Landscape" and used it and both mulch and straw on good straw the color lasted in full southern sun for over 10 months ....good product ran $35. per gallon when ordered by case lots but the distributor went under i i have not found this product since.

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