Mulch em, Bag em, Here in WI. we BALE EM!!!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by MOW ED, Nov 13, 2002.

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    Here is a Video of the operation.

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    this is really sweet. my town doesnt do curbside pickup which is good for me but other towns around us do and they have huge loaders but it takes a whle
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    Lets bump this guy back up. For all you that don't have curbside pickup this will make you want it. Better yet all you that have large piles of leaves would really have no effort in making a block out of them.

    I love watching this happen every year.
  5. Glenn Lawn Care

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    Thats a beast!
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    Now that is just down right awesome. Thanks for sharing the info/bumping it up.
  8. White Gardens

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    Now this is what I think is awesome for the smaller operation or LCO

    Just a BCS tiller with the baler attachment. Would work great for larger leaf cleanups and you could just roll the bales to the truck and haul them away.

  9. newz7151

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    You're probably looking at over 8K for something like that.. the BCS tractor unit isn't cheap.
  10. White Gardens

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    Oh, of course, but think of it this way, you might invest about 8k for a leaf loader setup also if you've got larger properties to maintain. So it's a give/take situation.

    Other problem with the baler is that it's baled leafs and you'll have to figure out how to dispose of them properly. If you have a collection sight locally that has a small tub grinder, then you could process them that way I guess.

    I like the notion of a small baler for the ease of pick-up and loading.

    If you also wanted to cut out the BCS, you could go this direction.


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