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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by rob640, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Before installing mulch i try to make sure it is in a location that wont flood in heavy rain, and get with the customer and ask if the beds flood. I let them know that if the beds do flood badly there is a chance of the mulch rising and floating out of the beds. I have had one bad experience where the beds were directly below the end of the roof, and there were no gutters. I warned the customer but they wanted it done anyway.. after the first good rain i was raking mulch out of the yard around the beds.

    Other than this one yard i've never had much trouble.. is there any solution to this?? should i worry about installing mulch in the same situation (directly under the roof) only with gutters? I've heard laying a thin layer of mulch wetting it, then laying another layer on top and wetting it helps almost lock the mulch together... i've got a mulch job coming up and gutters are in place but i just want to make sure the mulch is going to stay.. i am using single ground hardwood and going 2.5 inch deep on a new bed.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Yes, soaking the mulch right after applying it will help a lot. This will also prevent certain types of unwanted fungus from developing.
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    Might want to look at double ground mulch. The material is finer and tends to compress better than single.

    And I agree with the above post, try to wet it down to settle it after install in areas of concern.
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    Sorry for being a split pea from the pod here, but in all my years of mulching and racking my better witts for solutions to controlling mother nature, their isn't really much you can do to keep any type of mulch from floating out of a bed if there is a sudden deluge of rain or a torrent of overflow from swollen gutters and direct flow. Wetting mulches after installation does help with reducing the air pockets in the fluffed matter but lets be real honest and tell the customer you cannot control water any more than the next person. Mulch will float out of a bed in extreme rains. Sometimes it is advisable to acknowledge common sense to the customers. The customer will scratch their head and want rocks. At the drip edge of a roof, the water does come down with force.........a lot of force.
    Nothing will keep it from flowing and taking sediment particles with it.....!!!!!
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    Thats some true honesty there green.. i guess deep down inside i felt the same way haha... just wanted to see if theres something im missing to stop this issue... Thanks for the tips guys i sure will keep them in mind.

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