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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by MDLawnman, Nov 3, 2006.

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    In my neck of the woods most of the LCO's just double the price of the mulch to cover the cost of a mulch installation. For example if they put down one yard of mulch at $25 a yard, they charge $50 total for the install. This seems to be way too low of a price to me. Depending upon distance traveled, fuel, and all of the other business expenses I just don't see how this could be profitable. Some include edging in the price! My intent is to charge for the material plus labor, plus edging. I'm I out of line here?
  2. Ric3077

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    You are won't make money charging only rate is $85/yard installed, the mulch costs me $18/yard so thats more than 4 x's the price. Also edging is never included, my rate is $1/foot more if it has NEVER been edged.
  3. LB1234

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    I pay around $15/yd for mulch. My residential accounts average 6yds of mulch. No way in hell I'm doing those for $180. At present I get $330 for 6yds. Which my brother and I with a dingo can put down in a little more than an hour. Of course when I throw in weeding and edging of the mulch beds it goes even higher.
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    This year we wer charged $15 per yard delivered, and we charged $45 per yard installed (next year $50) to cover the mulch cost and labor to put it down. I busted my butt early in the year to see how quickly I could put down a 15 yard mulch pile and spread it. It was a fair amount of walking distance and I made sure I had the 10 cubic foot wheelbarrows (plastic body, just use for mulch not stone or gravel or anything) (If you dont you are missing out on a ton of time savings) I put 15 yards and spread it all in about 5 hours. Since there is minimal equipment cost for that type of work I made $675 - $225 ( my cost for mulch) = $450 in 5 hours. That was not bad at all, and we still had another 15 yards to go there the next day but I didnt get it done that fast. Typically mulch time with just a person and wheelbarrow system can range from 1.5 yards up to 3 yards per hour. More perennials and shrubs to go around slows it way down as you cannot just dump and spread you have to hand shovel out of the wheelbarrow. So base you price ont he site and either go with the low end, but if you are just topping off a berm with now plants, 3 yards per hour may be better. You coudl also do it a ton quicker if you had a loader to move around with. I am still doing it the old fashioned way.
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    Oh yeah one more thing. I wont charge 3x the price for mulch if applying hemlock (which costs me $33 per yard delivered). I will simply add the $30 per yard installed (from my normal mulch purchase) and mark the mulch up slightly. So hemlock would cost $66-$70 per yard installed instead of the $45 per yard for my cheaper hardwood.
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    Anywhere from $45-55 a yard installed. 3 guys can do about 5.5 yards an hour with 1 wheel barrow and a garden cart attached to the Z.

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