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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ToddS, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. ToddS

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    How much would you charge for 40 yards of brown mulch to be installed? I can get the mulch for $18/yard. The only probrlem is that I have to wheelbarrel the mulch approx 300 yards to get to the existing mulch beds. It is for an HOA and they have no access to the lake area where the mulch is needed. I will have to dump the mulch in a parking lot area. Any thoughts?

  2. PSUturf

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    If you can't access the beds is there enough room for a utility vehicle to get there. A Toro Workman, a Cushman, or even a ClubCar CarryAll would be much faster than wheelbarrows. You should be able to find somebody that would rent one.

    If you have to wheelbarrow it: I would time how long it takes to walk (without a wheelbarrow) the path you would have to take to get to the mulch area and back. Double this time and use that to figure out how long it will take to transport the mulch. After your 40th load you'll be going slower than your normal walking speed.
  3. Cutters Lawn Care

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    Todd, PSU gave you some good ideas. No way would I wheelbarrow 40 yds of mulch 300 yards. There is a company in Newnan that has blower trucks. I think the name is Georgia Environmental. I've used them a few times. I believe they charge $42yd for the brown. Sub it out to them and charge the customer $65 a yd.
  4. LB1234

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    It probablly be cheaper to bring a piece of equipment in their and repair the damage than it would to walk 8-10 cu.ft of wheelbarrel 900 feet.

    I would assume material costs would be 30/yd to them plus any delivery costs it would be to you...doubt it with that amount of mulch. You probablly can get it much cheaper than that if you buy direct from a wholesaler...just a thought seems expensive.

    Is their enough room to get a 18 wheel rig in their with room to dump all of it at once? Might save you some coin their and still charge them the full price.

    Labor costs on this one can get a little messy. Assuming 6 loading wheelbarrels, four walking, one at the mulch bed....I dunno 1 yd per 15 minutes...four yds per hour....60 man-hours for the mulch at 25 per man-hour...1500 labor, 1200 material....thats 2700 or 67.5/yd...Actually, I'm probablly a little low. I'd say 3 grand.
  5. sheshovel

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    Yep I'm getting 2800.00 that's with you making 50.00 a yard.If you can,fork the mulch onto a large tarp and drag it to your mulching areas,a tarp will hold three times as much as a wheelbarrow,are cheap and you can manualy move a large quantity of mulch that way faster.Buy two or three cuz if your dragging across part of the way over will wear them out quicker.I have use this method many times and it works well for me.Better if you have two or three people doing it at once.
  6. Dirty Water

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    ASV RC-30 with turf tracks.

    Rent one.
  7. SPLC

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    That bucket is tiny though. Moving 40 yds you'd be there all day. I'd rent one and pull a tarp like sheshovel said.

    Or pull the tarps with a quad. I pulled tarps of grass with my Scag tiger cub and that worked well. Pulls quite a bit of weight. Of course I threw a belt doing it, but factor in $40 for a belt in your bid and run it anyways.

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