Mulch job question.


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I have a customer that wants me to put new mulch down in her flower beds in front of her home, she just had mulch put down last year she says but it looks horrible!! Dried out faded and in some areas it almost looks like press board the way it has clumped together in big chunks. I recently cleaned out all these beds and worked the old mulch and even removed some of it. My question is what do you guys primarily use on a routine mulch job?
Cypress mulch, shredded brown pine mulch, shredded hardwood mulch??? Any input would be appreciated. One more thing she does not really have a prefrence but I am quite sure cost will be important to her. Thanks folks!:usflag:


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I go to the local mulch yard and get what the customer wants for me double shredded hardwood is the best its a finer mulch and packs real good. If her biggest problem is color go for a dies mulch they keep a good look the whole year. Shredded cedar is good stuff if you can find it in bulk. I like buying in bulk by the yard its cheaper and more consistent but on small jobs 5 bags or less I'll get the bags. If I need more I'll buy a yard and put whats left on my beds.


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I've noticed , locally, the last couple years that the quality of hardwood mulch has fallen. Looks like there is more wood chips than bark at some suppliers. My thoughts are since the price of hardwood boards dropped, more hardwood was going to firewood than mills. Since firewood isn't debarked, the supply of bark went down leading to more "filler" wood in the mulch. I think if you shop around you will find a supplier with quality bulk mulch. I may have to change my mulch supplier this spring. The supplier I usually use brought in a large quantity of mulch for spring and it looks like it is mostly wood chips, not bark. My customers and I want a dark bark, not lumber looking wood chips.