Mulch Job, What would you charge?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Greenlawn Guy, May 3, 2011.

  1. GravyTrain

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    Not to mention, after the first year, maybe 2nd year, when then fabric starts to break down, and the weeds (a lot of bermuda around these parts) start breaking through the fabric and the customer decides they want to start over....good luck with that. If a customer asks for any sort of weed barrier, I explain that the mulch will do just as well, and that I will not install fabric. If they insist, they will have to find another company.
  2. hackitdown

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    I refuse to use fabric. There is nothing worse than dealing with fabric infiltrated with 2 years of weeds and old mulch. I also refuse to remove old mulch, it seems pointless...I just rake it out and put a thin layer over the old.

    So I guess that customer won't be calling me any time soon.
  3. ron mexico75

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    I just can't believe a professional landscaper would post on this site they use fabric all the time and then ask why it's a waste. Wow!
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  4. Tahoe1889

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    I Love pulling weeds out of useless fabric. the weed gets so locked in that after you pull it it will be back in a week because you cant get the Roots out of the fabric stay away like the plague.
  5. Creative Cuts

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    fabric doesn't prevent weeds it prevents the roots from burrowing into the dirt. If a weed does happen to start, a simple tug and it comes completely out. you pull one out of a bed with no fabric you'll never get the whole root. I try to sell the fabric on all new jobs and complete tear-outs. Lay the fabric as close to all edges and cut the smallest hole for plants as possible, keep it tight and flat no folds and staple the piss out of it and you'll have no issues.

    KINGMADE LawnSite Member
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    Your paying your helper too much. I would get 2 helpers at 9 or less. We are talking about raking and shoveling. This is not a hard job.

    KINGMADE LawnSite Member
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    maybe really old fabric. I have never layed the stuff myself but I have plucked weeds up that have grown on top of the fabric and they come out easy.
  8. twowheelted

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    What about nutsedge and other weeds that grow right through the weed fabric? Then you go to pull it and the fabric comes up? Or what about if the area isn't completely flat or the water runs down through the low spots or channels. Bye bye mulch. Try newspaper to suppress the majority of the weeds first. THEN DO REGULAR MAINTENANCE. Contrary to popular belief THERE IS NO MAINTENANCE FREE LANDSCAPES. Unless maybe a plastic landscape? Nope you'd have to sweep it.

    I often figure in an extra time to come back and spray at least once for non regulars.
  9. Earth_Effects

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    If your referring to me, I didn't say I used it all the time. I said I use it on new installs where the beds have no mulch in it. I was also simply asking why people thought it was a waste, I find fabric to be somewhat helpful in the northeast. Your entitled to your opinion but don't start bashing someone when you don't know the details. Thanks
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  10. dgw

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    fabric is a waste and a lot of extra work

    6 yards of mulch with 2 guys is 3 hours or so (not including bed edging )

    so you have 6 man hours , i charge 40 a man hour for labor , so i would charge 250 plus the price of the mulch (your mulch price is very high by the the way)

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