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Mulch King Bark Blower

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Woodlawnllc, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Woodlawnllc

    Woodlawnllc LawnSite Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 2

    Does anyone own one of these units. They look like they are put together good but scares me a little to go off the beaten path of a FINN? Company sales rep stated that they have none west of Ohio. I live in Iowa. Any comments?
  2. Mr. Force® Billy Goat Industries

    Mr. Force® Billy Goat Industries LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 511

    Never heard of Mulch King. I looked them up and watched their video. It looks like good equipment. I will voice out a point of concern though. The discharge on the debris loader housing is clear flexible hose. Long term, our testing indicates that will not hold up to regular debris removal.

    We do some business with Mulch Mule and have found them to be good folks to deal with.

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