Mulch kit and scraping all the time..what am I missing?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. GarPA

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    I put the mulch kit on my new 36" Viking...finally have the mower set up to cut right...thanks to a number of you guys. My Z does not have the mulch kit on and I won't out it on given the juicy grass on a number of big accounts we have.This is my first use of a mulch kit on a commercial machine
    So yesterday I jack up the 36, scrape,(didnt use MoDeck this time) and proceed to cut my back yard which was just mowed a few days ago so it wasn't at all long. As I was getting done, I could hear that sound we all hate when we know theres grass buildup in the I jack it up, and in one hour, there was a sizeable amount fo grass buildup...well...I cant be cleaning this thing every other stop I make. My grass was completely dry btw when I mowed it. I cant imagine those of you who mow allot are scraping decks multiple times a I missing something or is that just the way its going to be with the mulch kit?? if so, it might be coming off...thanks
  2. The Lawn Boy Pro

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    Well you could always try the oil coating. Scrape al the grass off, wash throughly, and then coat the underside of your deck with oil, WD-40, or somethinglike that. Theres even a product out there specifically designed to be applied to mower decks to keep from sticking.
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    Are you running Gators? Can you run double combos? Either a high lift on the bottom with a Gator Mulcher on top or both Gator Mulchers as doubles. Since I am not familiar with your machine, i am not sure what kind of blowout you'll get with doubles. I would say just start experimenting and see what works best for ya...

    Good Luck!
  4. GarPA

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    Loren....yes the product you mention is called works ok but ot does allow the grass to be scraped off much easier then if you hadn't used it.

    Rod I'm just using the standard mulch blade provided by Exmark. Never ran "doubles" and I'm not sure I want to. Someone here told me to take off the mulch blades and put on the std high life blades to get a better cut, less "air push down" on the grass.

    Oh well...obvioously I'm still learning this machine and what combos work best.
  5. rodfather

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    The problem isn't your cut, it's buildup right? Try a Gator (or 2) and see what happens IMO.
  6. TRex

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    Gary I have a Metro HP 36" and I moed 2 acres with it to get used to the machine and break everything in. Well this was a pasture I would not even call it a yard let alone a lawn. The ground was a real fine dirt and the weeds were not thick at all it was just that the moisture from the plants and the dust mixed together clogged my deck after an hour. I am running the mulch blades and the high lifts. Every where else I have moed I have had no problems at all after 20 hours of mowing I have had no problems. When I picked up my check I apologized for leaving to come home and scrape my deck. The wifes reply was thats OK thats why my husband does not like to do it. Punks. So maybe it is the dust or dirt that you are going over with the blades on and no grass.
  7. Meg-Mo

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    Try the MEG MO blades. We havent clean a deck in 10 years.
  8. DLCS

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    Leave that mulch kit off and get some of these!

    mowing 010ls7iron.jpg
  9. TRex

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    How much would just the replacement blades cost for my 36" metro hp and how much for the whole kit. And they will work with my mulch kit won't they.
  10. shm

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    Trex - from my last post - here is what meg-mo quoted for prices -

    Blade cost
    The 36 takes 2 18# blades at 59.95 +5.00 shiping each. Total 129.90. We used a36 for 10 or 12 years. Nice for to get thur gates.
    The 48 takes 3 16 1/4# blades at 49.95 + 5.00 shiping each. Total164.85.

    you are using the mulch kit from exmark on yours- correct?
    Meg-Mo Systems

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