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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TNLC owners, Sep 30, 2004.

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    I am trying to figure out the easiest way to deal with the leaves that are falling early this year in my area. Most customers won't pay to have them cleaned up right now but on about 5 accounts for the last month or so we have had to spend extra time cleaning up the leaves. I know that this probably isn't a good business practice but I don't want other potential customers who drive by and see the mess we leave behind if we don't clean the leaves up. I have a 36" gravely pro G wb which I use on most accounts. I have purchased the grass catcher for it a year ago and right now that is what I'm using to clean them up. I was thinking about getting a mulch kit for the mower. I figured this way I could just go over the lawn once and mulch the leaves as best as possible and not worry about having to bag anything. On the accounts who do want leaves cleaned up, I would mulch the lawn and then go back over it. I was also thinking about buying the leaf extension for the bagger in order to pick up more leaves at a time. I was wondering if anyone else out there has tried this with the mower I am using with the mulch kit. I would appreciate and feedback I can get. Thanks, Chris
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    TNLC, I have the 48" WB and the mulch kit. It does a great job on leaves, but if you get into taller grass forget it. It will bog and end up clogging the deck. I've left it off as most of my lawn doesn't get covered with leaves. I was cutting every other day in order to only take about 1/2" of grass off the top (I blame myself for this due to fertilization and having an irrigation system :) ) I will say when using it in this fashion it worked perfectly. There was absolutely nothing left on the grass. My guess is that on most of your yards, especially at this time of year, it would work quite well. I may stick mine on again in the next week or so and finish out the season with it. I'd pick one up as you shouldn't have a problem selling it if you don't like it. I believe I paid about $125 for mine from my dealer.


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